Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Put Pajamas On A Baby

An illustrated tutorial.

Grab a baby, some pjs and the babies leg.

Tighten your hold because they get kinda squirmy.

Put the first foot into the pj leg.

Watch out for the Pj Duck n Roll maneuver. To counter act this make sure you let the babies leg roll IN your hand until it reaches the calf area of the leg then clamp down to stop the roll. Do Not Let Go Of The Baby.

Once the Hand Clamp has been applied the baby will go down.

But not for long, the baby will rally so remember work to try and work fast.

Keep trying to get that first foot into the first leg of the pjs

Now after you get the first foot into the pjs and you realize the pjs are on backwards do not give up. Just keep trying.

Remove the feet from the pjs.

Take a moment to regroup.

Once your composure has been regained feel free to start again from a different position.

The baby will try to implement the Duck n Roll again but from this position you should be able to counter and get the baby on his back.

Once you get the baby on its back you are good to go. The baby will generally conceed at this point and all you need to do is finish the job.

Don't be disheartened by pouting, this is natural just get those feet into the pjs.

Once the feet are in stand the baby up.

Put his arms into the sleeves.

Start zipping him up...

Angle is everything for the zip. You will have to find the angle that works for you and baby.

Congratulations! You have successfully dressed your baby (or grandbaby) for bed!

Now let go and see what happens...

Easter Pictures

Wordless Thursday... Yeah I know...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rodeo Entourage

A couple weekends ago Mac and I met some friends at the Rodeo BBQ Cookoff. Before we made our way to the cookoff me and Mac and Amanda and her niece Jillian went to the Kids Tent. While there we went to our first petting zoo, it went well. Mac did not get kicked even though he insisted on walking up to the animals from behind and he did not get bitten when he decided to slap a deer. The deer may or may not have had it coming but we left the petting cage regardless...

If you did not know the way to take in the rodeo when you are 15 months old is from a lounged position in your red Radio Flyer wagon with your kix cereal and sippy cup.

We headed over to the cookoff area to find our other friends, Melinda, Meladee and Cynthia. The cookoff is fun! You get free BBQ and drinks and all they ask is that you leave a donation that goes to a designated charity. There are tons of tents and BBQ teams, lots of music, loads of people and just a fun time outside. I wish we could have stayed longer but it just didn't work out this year BUT we were there long enough for a couple drinks and some good BBQ... and some free donuts!! The tent we were in had free Mrs. Baird's donuts and they loaded Mac up!

Mac had a great time visiting with the ladies...

And we couldn't leave before he got to two step a little...

But all good and fun things must come to an end. It was time to go so the girls walked us out. Now if you have never seen one or don't really understand the term these next pictures will really drive the definition of ENTOURAGE home.

One of many fans that wanted to talk...

My little rodeo star.

We had tons of fun and we are definitely looking forward to next year!!