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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Game

This past weekend Mac decided to take a much simpler approach to entertaining himself. No need for the tons and tons of toys that require attention, pushing buttons, chasing down balls. This new game only requires one dish towel... and a hard head.

It's very simple and there is only one rule, eyes must be covered. Place the dish towel over your head and walk at full speed until you run into something??!!

Then when you're done just throw the towel around your neck and get any sweat beads that you have worked up...

It's actually pretty impressive to watch him do this, well until he smacks into a wall or furniture or runs over toys, because he knows the layout of the house and walks around for a while before he loses? haha Then he just puts his dish towel back on his head and he's off for another round.

Oh well, at least he's creative?


Poo Pants Clanin

It's too funny and too gross not to tell...

Yesterday morning, at daycare, I was telling Mac bye after getting him settled in for the day. I was squatting (weird word) down so I was at Mac's eye level for some hugs and kisses and here comes sweet Maren running over with her morning hug. Maren and Mac have been in the same class since we started daycare and she is just the cutest, sweetest baby. You can always count on Maren for a hug and some attention when you are in the room and that is always welcome especially when your child would rather be in the corner playing with a toy than coming to greet you!

I, of course and obviously, hug Maren and pick her up to my lap. With Maren it's never just a hug, you have to pick this woman up because as soon as you go in for the hug she is picking her feet up and getting into the "you're about to hold me" position. Now that Maren is in my lap I am talking to her and to Mac and then I smelled it. Poop.

I didn't know if it was Maren or Mac so I attempted to put Maren down so I could figure out who the culprit was, it's not easy putting her down because she keeps her feet out so you will keep holding her, and that's when I saw it. The Poop.

Poop on her pants, poop on her ankle, poop all over her shoe, poop on the floor.

Wait for it.

Poop on MY pants, poop on MY sweater!! Eek!

I called for Ms. Mary who was finishing up changing another baby and told her what was happening, she called for the other teacher to interviene and start cleaning the floor up. Ms. Mary started working on Maren, yes working on her... it. was. bad. As you can imagine since it had made it all the way down her pant leg and on the floor (and on me).

I promptly went for Mac's box of wipes and went to town on my pants. I had two spots on my left thigh where she sat and one small spot on my right from her shoe and a little on the bottom left of my sweater. All the spots were easy enough to clean up. It wasn't enough to, um, soak in.

I was really impressed with myself in not freaking out, especially since it was not my own son's poo! haha! Two years ago I would have died, cut my own leg off just to "get the poo off of me!!", thrown every article of clothing I had on away because of the poop. Funny how having kids makes things like that seem way less catastrophic plus it was there and not much I could do about it other than clean it off.

Did it smell? Yes for a little bit but after the spots that I had cleaned had dried it didn't smell anymore. And it wasn't ever bad enough for anyone else to smell, I know this because my co-worker said she didn't smell anything and she is the type that will tell you "Yeah dude, you smell like poop and it's gross". haha!! Love it when you can ask someone and they just tell you like it is!!

I did see Maren this morning when I got to daycare. She came running over and acted like nothing had happened so I took her lead. No reason for there to be awkwardness between us. She promptly started digging in Mac's diaper bag helping me get Mac's shoes and socks out so I could put them on for the second time this morning.

Maren and I are good, there are more hugs in our future. Cautious, pre-inspected hugs but cute sweet hugs none the less!!

The End.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mac's One Year and Family Pictures

Family pictures are in and we LOVE them!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This picture was taken this morning. He was being less than cooperative, he had NO Valentine's Day love going on for me or for the bear. I may try again tonight but I will see how the evening shapes up, Valentine bear(VB) got bit so not sure I want to press my luck.

**Outtakes from the "We need to be leaving the house RIGHT NOW but let's try and get a picture with your 2010 Valentine bear before school??!!" photo shoot...

VB getting thrown:

The bite:

VB asphyxiation:

Whispered Intimidation:

Maybe I will just wait till he goes to sleep and arrange him in a Valentine's set up like I did last year...

And take pictures until he wakes up and I get caught...

And then take more pictures until I get a smile!!


My Valentine

Jimmy and I went on our Valentine's Day date last night! He did good, real good. He was all sneaky and got our friend, Lizzie(thank you), to babysit and made dinner reservations for us at 6pm.

The reservations were at The Belmont but, um, it wasn't "The Belmont" that we remembered and loved. The atmosphere was weird some how, the music was all wrong, the waiter was not clicking with us. The evening just was not shaping up to what Jimmy had pictured and I could tell he was disappointed so we finished our apps and drinks and left.

We ended up at Flemming's Steakhouse. We were a tad nervous that we wouldn't get to eat there because we did not have reservations and it was close'ish to 7pm but we didn't even have to wait! The host took us to our booth and our waiter Carlos, whom we L.O.V.E.D., was with us promptly and was very knowledgable when asked about the wine selection... vast and impressive improvement over Belmont. We made the right decision in changing venues!!!

Our evening together was phenom! The food, the wine, the conversation: PERFECTION!

We usually go to dinner for Valentine's Day but somehow this year was different. I think on top of Jimmy and I just needing a date the fact that he planned our night in advance FOR me made it really really super special!

Thank you, Jimmy, for being my Valentine not just today but everyday. Thank you for being exactly the person, husband, friend that I need. I am so very grateful to have you in my life and so very undeserving. Thank you for all that you do for me and for our son.

I pink puffy heart you...

Oh The Things To Come...

I don't feel like commentary is needed for this post. I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Brief PS3 button pushing distraction...

then back to it...

This is lame...

wait I know...


So I had to get the pictures of him standing on the plastic bin but he was quickly removed and the bin was put back in his closet to continue it's job as dirty clothes hamper...

Since these pictures were taken(Feb 8th) the clothes hamper plastic bin mountain has been back in the living room after delivering yet more dirty clothes to the in house cleaning department. He peeled out of his room after a diaper change and I came around the corner into the living room and he was sitting in it! So obviously I handed him some toys and left him there, haha.

1 plastic bin, soooo many functions!

Cabinet Lock Down

I said I wouldn't but I caved. I was at the house with Mac for 4 1/2 days, alone, defenseless against him and I cracked (This was a couple weeks ago when we were figuring out we had a right ear infection). I had had enough of this...
and this...

and this...

So Saturday after Mac's morning nap we loaded up the car and headed to Home Depot where I used my gift cards to purchase a Dewalt drill and a replacement burner for my stove (no the burner is irrelevant to the story but I needed a new one so there). We then went to Target and bought Saftey First Spring Locks. After Target we made a quick visit to the softball fields to see Dad play for a second and then headed home to install the locks.

It was my first time with a drill, I can't say that it was a quick job but that may have a lot to do with the fact that as I was trying to pre-drill holes into the cabinets Mac kept coming over and crawling into my lap to sit down and hang out or to pull things out of the open cabinets.

I finally finished.

And the cabinets now only open about an inch and then we have to push the arm down to open them all the way.

Mac testing them out...

I know you shouldn't delight in the misery of your child but the fact that he got upset when the cabinets wouldn't open made me sooooo HAPPY!!! And it still does! Happy Happy Happy... the picture of him crying makes me smile!!! No more tupperware on the floor, no more dents in the cheap linoleum from dropping pots and pans, no more chasing him down with carpet spot remover from under the sink!

(Yeah, I know. It's only a matter of time before he figures out how to open them and he has already moved on to openning the drawers but just let me have my one, very short victory...)