Friday, November 16, 2012

Yep, He's Wearing Goggles


Boys Night Out

Right before Halloween (I specify to explain the picture and that my house is not still decorated for Halloween) Jimmy took Mac out to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and watch football on multiple screens.

Mac came back with this awesome hat. I dare say he had the best time ever. He wore this hat for weeks until he rolled over it during a fit he was throwing...

This kid sure does love his Daddy.

Halloweenie Time 2012

For one to really kick off the Halloween season one must carve a Jackolantern! So during our annual trip to the pumpkin patch for pictures we picked out the very best pumpkin to take home and carve up!

The pumpkin patch was a lot of fun. Mac was not too sure about the Pumpkin Man.

Mac and LP had fun getting these pictures made. Mac kept trying to put his whole head and neck through the hole so it was a learning experience as well! haha

And, of course, pumpkin pictures...

Jackolantern time! You think you know everything about your husband and then they surprise you. He had never carved a pumpkin before!?? I know I looked at Jimmy like he had three heads when he said he had never carved a pumpkin. I am still not sure how he made it three decades with out doing it but I took care of that! haha So after some coaching they dove right in... sort of. I'm not sure either of them was very excited about digging the guts out! haha

The did such a fantastically spooky job!! I can't wait till next year to see what these seasoned carvers will come up with!

Mac had a fun Halloween Party at his school. The director made everyone spaghetti and meatballs for lunch and after naptime they had lots of yummy Halloween snacks and then a Halloween Costume Parade!!

Buzz and his buddy, Iron Man.

Parading around the school!

Lynnlee even got to watch. She was asleep when the parade started so she didn't actually participate. Plus she pooped in her school costume and I didn't take her Halloween day costume so I guess she was a Valentine?? haha

Time for Halloween snacks!

I made nutter butter ghosts for the kids and put some candy in the bottom of each cup. If you have never made nutter butter it. Now. So easy and soooo good. I am going to make snowmen for their Christmas party!

We joined out friends, the Sextons, this year in their neighborhood for some Trick or Treating fun! We had a GREAT time with them and the boys had a blast going door to door for candy!
They did not get chauffeured around like this, they tried but this was LP's transportation.
First house! And Mac's first time Trick or Treating! Luckily he had his experienced bestie, Eli, there to help him learn the ropes!


Dad and his little Mummy

She rides in style!

Just one of many decorated yards...

Trick or Treating takes a lot out of the whole group so when we got back to Eli's house his Mom cooked supper for everyone!
the candy haul...not bad at all!

We had such a great night with our friends Trick or Treating and letting the boys play. We have standing plans to do it again next year!
Till next season!
(Special thanks to Jocelyn for the pictures I stole from your blog post... ha!)