Friday, August 27, 2010

And The Academy Award...

for the dramatic role of "Crying Baby in Kitchen" from the drama series "My Mom Doesn't Hug Me Enough" goes to... drrrrrum rolllll...

Mac Clanin!!

Let me set the "scene" for you. Last night I was washing dishes, Mac was leaning on the cabinet door, sat down and then some how fell over. When he fell, I think he just leaned too far over to the side, he bumbed his head on the dishwasher (not me, the machine) and I just looked at him. He was layed out and I guess because I didn't stop washing dishes to run to his aid, and seriously he was ok) he had a minor melt down. Well by the time I got the camera the previous picture was all I could get because as soon as I took the picture he looked at me, realized that I was just going to take more pictures and not coddle him, sat up, grabbed his toy and started playing and talking!!!! Seriously! He went from full on crying to sitting and playing! I laughed so hard. I just wish I had been faster with the camera so I could have caught the real show!!

Before There Was Pop, Boy Bands...

and Emo... there was Alternative. The 90's gave us bands that produced, I would say, the last real music. Bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots paved the way into a new music genre leaving the hair metal of the 80's, well, in the 80's. The Smashing Pumkins, Blind Melon, Alice in Chains, The Toadies, Jane's Addiction... the list of 90's Alternative turned grunge movement goes on and on. What do I think of when I think about these bands? High School. Finding myself. Having something relatable (well as a 16 year old anyway).

Why am I getting all nostalgic on you?


I flashed back to circa 1995 last night at the Alamo Drafthouse "90's Alternative Sing-Along"!! It. Was. Awesome. (Awesome? Yes, last night inspired Awww.)

We sang and sang to some of our favorites last night! Although towards the end of the show the music selection was a bit questionable, they picked way too many songs from the late 90's which is when alternative started getting "Poppie", ultimately giving way to "Pop Music" (gasp, gag, ewww) then the dreaded Boy Bands, and now what we are left to listen to (which I don't) - fake studio produced music (double gag). I digress.

We would really have liked it to have stayed straight laced Alternative rooted, Grunge authentic music but well I didn't hear my phone ringing soooo... either way we had a fantastic time. On the way home we picked apart the entire music video selection played for us, we then came up with the play list they should use when/if they do a "90's Alternative Sing-Along Volume 2", which I intend to email to them. hehe.


Heck yeah there are pictures. I got all grunge'tastic for the show! I dug around and found two necklaces that never left my neck for a period back in the day, some thumb rings, messed up my hair, got my cons on (they were new ones, my authentic real converse are no longer with us), took a flannel from Jimmy's closet (it was a toss up between tanks and a flannel or my REAL Stussy long sleeve--went with the tanks cuz well it's August in Texas).

We are so misunderstood...

The MonDro (Monica and Budro)... They were also sporting authentic, actually purchased and worn in the 90's clothing and accessories.

My fav picture of the night..

What I had waited all day for, aside from the show of course...Green Chile Cheese Queso Fries. Ya'll these fries are literally swimming in a bowl of Green Chile Queso goodness.

Our host for the evening...(the one to blame for the Bjork ancore, just wrong. He is wearing a Brittnay Spears shirt so that did give some insight to some of the song choices later in the evening.)

While the host was hosting he had the ushers pass out baskets of lighters for the slower ballady songs so that we could do this (I burned my thumb, not a smoker so not a lighter pro)

This is what a Sing-Along looks like. This is the video to "Interstate Love Song", they play the video (or movie clip if it's a movie sing-along) with the words at the bottom. Some lyrics were cleared up last night! haha

The crowd...

And then, about mid-way through... Nirvana. And a random appearance by Kurt Cobain.

Of course you can't sing-along with Nirvana in your chair sooo... to the stage!!

Me and Budro. And our group, Budro, Monica, Me, and Becky, outside after the show.

Now you can't go anywhere these days (or since the beginning of time) without someone assuming the title of "That Guy". Well last night's "That Guy" wore his title proudly. By the end of the show the entire audience was calling him the Red Shirt Guy, most of us not affectionately. Now you saw me and Monica on stage for Nirvana and being on stage is allowed. You can go up as much, as little as you want or not at all. Red Shirt Guy was an almost permenant fixture on the stage last night and when he came down from the stage he was dancing through the isles, also allowed (basically anything goes at these shows, I mean they gave us lighters remember) We just got tired of looking at him. He even got onstage when they played No Doubt's "I'm Just A Girl" and during Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know". Um news flash, those are girl songs and you were the ONLY dude up there! I mean one song is detailing the stuggle of being a girl and the other is lambasting all men! geez...

See Red Shirt Guy. See him dance. See him annoy.

What makes those last two pictures even MORE annoying is that Red Shirt Guy and the there dance partcipants were getting down to... Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet".

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - Week 12 (wk 8 for me)

I am linking up with Amy over at Marvelous Mommy for my Weekly Weigh-In. Click the button below to go to her blog and read about it.

I have been dreading today, weigh in day, but I hold my head high and will proudly post because I know it will be better next week... or so I'm telling myself.

Last weekend I went to the beach, I came back a little too relaxed and lackadaisical and decided no running this week. (Plus my running shoes died a long time ago and I have been running in them anyway and they are hurting my feet, no really they are.) So after some fun in the sun, snacking with the girls I came back to reality and had 2 pints of ice cream this week... and I enjoyed it! haha. I will be purchasing new running shoes, hopefully today or tomorrow, (I tried to buy new shoes yesterday but they were out of my size in MY brand of shoe, Mizuno, and said they were expecting a shipment by Friday so I am waiting on that) and will be back on track starting Monday. So in the true spirit of the weigh in I will post my sad weight gain with pride in that I had fun gaining it! hahaha!!

Sorry no photo this week... But I can assure you the numbers are true :o

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week: 191 lbs
This Week: 196 lbs

Yep 5 pounds gained but I really think that I needed this to happen just to prove that my workouts are working. That trudging out in the heat of the day, Texas triple digit heat of the day, at 4pm to run intervals for 4 miles around Town Lake is working. I need to keep it up, I need to focus. I need a bigger goal than weight loss, too, to encourage me to keep going so I am looking for a 10K to sign up for and I think that will help. I am not mad or sad about the 5 pounds, it will come off. I just needed the lesson and the proof that what I am doing each week, 3 times a week is a good thing!

Ps... I WILL have a new bathroom scale next week!! So that is also a little encouragement to get my rear in gear so that its debut picture will be a positive one!! hahaha

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Family Pictures!

I picked up my picture order from Magan last Tuesday and I am in LOVE!! She is awesome!! I have said before that if you need pictures of any kind; family, wedding, engagement, anniversary, etc. she is your girl! Well Monday night Jimmy and I hung up the grouping of pictures that I bought.

**Side note on Magan's awesomeness... she will help you pick out pictures specific to your home. She is all about not having your pictures stored on a DVD and not being displayed.

This is what my dining room wall looks like now and I (and Jimmy too) couldn't be happier!!

I couldn't take a straight on shot because the chandelier was in the way... and by chandelier I mean the thing that was the cheapest fixture the builder could buy and hang up in our home. :) Luckily we now have super awesome pictures to detract from the light fixture hahahaa!

Lessons Learned...

Not my typical Tuesday afternoon...

So yesterday morning I asked Jimmy if he would like to have dinner at Kahuna's Bar and Grill, I had a coupon that we needed to use because it would expire Aug 25th. He said that sounded like a good time.

About the coupon - I got the coupon from a Groupon deal, I paid $10 for $20 worth of food. Good deal. I bought the coupon May 25th and it was going to expire Aug 25, today. So our plan was to meet after work for an early dinner. I left work a little early so I could get Mac and get up north before the 5 o'clock traffic craziness. While I was getting Mac from daycare Jimmy called, luckily I had stuck my phone in my pocket, and he said don't rush because he had gotten called back to a work site and would be about 30 minutes late. Well I was already loading Mac into his carseat but that was fine, we would just wait for him at the restaurant. Once I got on IH35 I decided that instead of waiting we would go to Target, I called Jimmy to let him know the new plan and for him to call me when we left the job and we would head over.

This is where it gets fun.

Mac and I get into Target and I suddenly have to pee! Problem. I carried Mac into Target, no carseat. Ok, I can figure this out. We get to the restroom and I decide to change Mac first. Thank goodness for forethought, for once! He had pooped! Now this was nothing major, no blowouts, just poo but with all the juggling around and switching seats that was about to happen this "just poo" would have escaped out the top of the diaper and as my luck would have it... there wasn't a change of clothes in the diaper bag. BUT not to worry because I caught it in time! Score one for Mommy! (This after I realized I also didn't have a changing pad and was NOT about to put my precious baby down on an uncovered public restroom changing table so I just went to the paper towel dispenser and dispensed 4 very long paper towels turned changing pad.) Ok, diaper changed, faux changing pad removed, diaper bag packed back up, I still have to peeee!

What to do.

I knew I couldn't get a buggy and leave him parked outside the restroom that's why I didn't even bother to get one when I first walked into Target. I also knew that I could not leave him strapped to the changing table unsupervised while I went to the restroom. I thought about sitting him IN the diaper bag, laying the diaper bag on it's side and sitting him on top, if he had shoes on he could stand and lean against my knees... right? Yeah like he would just sit there or lean there. Ok. He is just going to have to sit on my lap.

Second issue.

I had on gaucho pants yesterday. You know that ones that look like flowy yoga pants, yeah those. And when you pull them down they drag all over the floor so you have to hold them, gathered up while you "go". So you're telling me I have to hold my gathered up gauchos AND my 8month old WHILE I pee? Yes. Ok, just checking.

So I do exactly that.

Then, I have to, um, dismount? I have to hold Mac on my left hip and pull up the right side of my undies and gauchos and then switch him to my right hip and continue pulling everything up. And then (andddd theeennn) arrange myself so that my tank top is kind of straight and the top of my pants aren't all bunched up... and done!

I did it! Yay me! Score another one for Mommy!

Now we had been out of the restroom for about 10 minutes when Jimmy called and said he was headed to Kahuna's so we head that way too. We get there and something doesn't look right, not enough cars by the building and it looks a little dark. Then I see Jimmy still in the truck. hmmm

I pull up, roll down the window and he says "They are closed. Closed for good. I went up to the door and it was locked. There happened to be a guy on the sidewalk and he told me that 'about 10 minutes ago the landlord went in, cleared everyone out, shut everything down and locked the doors'." I just laughed. My only response was "I want my $10 back!" hahaa. Mommy coupon fail.

Jimmy suggested going to Chipotle, didn't sound good to me so I just said let's go home. While we were driving I called Jimmy to see if he wanted me to cook burgers or order a pizza. He said burgers. Great. I get home, get Mac his food, go to the freezer to get out turkey to defrost... no turkey! Jimmy just laughed. I said pizza or Sonic. Sonic it was.

So at the end of the day it was Mommy 2, Fail 1. I can live with that. My lessons learned for the day: 1. I now know that I can handle what I think could be a restroom crisis, 2. Use coupons, especially ones you pay for, before the establishment goes under!

The end.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 23, 2010

Girl's Trip - Port Aransas

Friday was Beach Trip day! Amanda, Sarah, Megan, Stacy, Tammy and I set out for Port Aransas for the weekend. Just a quickie little get away trip for some major relaxing. And that is exactly what we did. We split our time between the pool and the beach, I did my best to stay in the shade due to my pigment challenged skin! Here are some pictures from our weekend but not a lot of the girls since it was sternly suggested to me a couple of times that no bathing suit pictures were to be taken...I mostly complied but snuck in a few hehee. (But the girls are beautiful in the swim suits so I couldn't help it!)

Amanda and I crossing on the ferry... my first ferry ride!

After we got back to the condo from the pool Friday night... Aside from all the snacks on the counter we had a full fridge. Stacy made us some fun koozies and I made some beachy flip flops for everyone. And a little bonding, chat time on the couch.

Saturday we spent the day outside - pool side and beach side. Here are some pictures I took while the girls played in the water and soaked up the sun.

(Ok I have tons of pictures... I will post them in Wordless Wednesday posts in the next few weeks.)

We went to a nice dinner Saturday night at Pelican's Landing. It was really good. Everyone got some sort of shrimp, I got grilled sea scallops and everyone shared the Key Lime Pie dessert. So Good!! After dinner we took our one group picture of the trip (because they were finally not in bathing suits) and then found a sign that we all needed a picture with!

Our condo and the view from out balcony...