Monday, October 24, 2011

Exciting Weekend In MtP: Friday

This past weekend the Clanin family loaded into the Prius and went to MtP. Saturday was my little cousins 5th birthday party,you don't miss Neeley's parties, and since we were going to be in town anyway I scheduled family pictures with Kelsy.

We got into MtP Friday around lunch and promptly called in our order for Randy Burgers! We picked up our order on our way through town and went to Mamaw's to visit and eat. I heart Randy Burgers, in case you forgot.

We ate and visited with Mamaw and Aunt Sheryl (until she had to leave to get back to work) for a bit and then we left and headed out to the house. We were having our family pictures made that evening at 5:30 so I wanted to get Mac home so he could run around and get over the car ride before pictures. Pictures came and went and Mac was terrible but we got a lot of cute ones despite his temperment. He would not sit, stand, smile, or cooperate at all and he kept pulling off his bow tie! Randall got a good workout trying to chase him down and keep him out of the dirt and the electric fence!

Kelsy, Randall's fiance, was so sweet and did a lot of editing while she was there so that I could leave with some of the pictures. She got about half done!!

Here is a little preview:

Oh heck here's a couple more...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bucket Seats

You know Alamo Drafthouse could really take a lesson from my son. He may be onto something here with his bucket seat movie watching...

And who doesn't like to eat applesauce at the beginning of the second movie of the day? (Actually this is the third movie of that day but I'm not telling you what the first movie was because you will "accidentally" judge me as a mom)

Football and Horse Races

Two weekends ago we had a big Saturday. UT was playing OU in Dallas for the Red River Rivalry. I made queso and had sausage balls ready to go. Our friend Chuck came over with some football appropriate beverages and we were ready for the 11am kick off. If you know anything, even the smallest bit, about UT football then you will understand why this is the end of my saturday football least the food was good. Moving on...

Horse races!

We had been planning for a while to go to Retama Park to watch the live horse racing and so that is what we did. We left the house around 4:30 to head out of town. We stopped in New Bransfels to eat at a german place Jimmy had heard about, Oma's. It was decent but we are so super Fredericksburg German spoiled that it would be hard to impress us! I know we're schnitzel snobs.

After dinner we bought some fudge, obviously, and then were on our way to Retama (in Selma, Texas just before San Antonio). By the time we got there they had just finished race 3. We found a seat and settled in.

Mac really liked watching the horses.

Here they come...

There they go!

Jimmy taught him to scream GO!GO!GO! when watching the races on tv so he was yelling at them as they raced. GO!GO!GO! So cute.

We kept him in the stoller for the most part and he did surprisingly well considering he was strapped in a stroller. Jimmy did let him run around in the area in front of the bleachers to stretch his legs a little before we left and so he could see the horses up close as they raced.

We had so much fun. I wish the races started earlier than 6:45pm. It makes for a long day since we have to travel and a very very long sleepy drive back. But we will definitely go again, it just might have to be an overnight trip. We left after race 8 and there were still 2 more races to go. No way we could have stayed to till the end.

Ok I can't help it. I have to post a couple pictures of Mac from the morning football action.

Eating his sausage ball all lounged out on his boppy watching football...

And just being super cute.

Any Shoe Will Do

Mac is always bringing us his shoes so we can put them on him. Even if we are just going to be around the house. He likes shoes. I guess that is a good thing since we don't have to fight him to get them on. Small victories. He not only likes his shoes but my flops and Dad's boots. He puts them on himself and then gets mad when he can't walk in them. Apparently it's the shoes fault because inevitably the shoe gets thrown for it's lack of cooperation.

And a little sneak peek at his new kicks. His first Chuck Taylors. He was so excited when I showed them to him, he stuck his foot right up so I could put them on to see if they fit! haha!

Oh Baby Mac

Mascara Fail

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oreos and Milk

First you cleanse the pallet.

Then you submerge the oreo into the milk. "So you're gonna put that cookie into the milk? Ok Dad"

Dunk and enjoy.


That's the stuff.

I'm gonna need another one.

(Pictures from 9/18/11)

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Texas Tornado


(Pictures from 9/17/11)