101 List

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1. Read 20 books. 5 have to be classics.

2. Keep fresh flowers in the house at least once a month for a year.

3. Try 10 new restaurants.

4. Have a date night once a month.

5. Go to Las Vegas.

6. Go to Chicago.

7. Bake cookies for someone for no reason.

8. Host four dinner parties.

9. Lose 40 pounds.

10. Take a photography class.

11. Run a half marathon or marathon.

12. Run in 10 charity runs.

13. Pay for someone’s food in the drive through.

14. Cook 20 new dinner recipes.

15. Bake 20 new dessert recipes.

16. Life insurance for Jimmy.

17. Use my china 20 times formal or informal.

18. Put loose photos into albums.

19. Paint office.

20. Work on 1 item a month on Mac’s Birthday “To Do List”.

21. Buy a flat screen.

22. Go to a UT Tailgate - beginning to end.

23. Go to 5 music shows.

24. Join a church.

25. New living room furniture.

26. Go to MtP once a month or have them come visit here.

27. Mail at least one gift each to Mom and Dad on time: birthday, mother’s/father’s day gifts on time.

(Probably going to be the hardest one to complete!)

28. Organize pantry into “basket system”.

29. Send flowers to someone for no reason.

30. Pay off Wells Fargo Visa.

31. Get pregnant with Baby C2.

32. Get a massage.

33. Get a pedicure.

34. Go to 5 museums.

35. Go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in costume.

36. Plant a tree.

37. Take a CPR class.

38. Go to an amusement park.

39. Start a college fund for Mac.

40. Start putting an extra $100 into savings.

41. Hang pictures in the living room.

42. Stop saying “like” for 1 week. (hopefully stop forever)

43. Watch AFI’s Top 100 movies. 0/100

44. Start and finish wedding scrapbook.

45. Start Mac’s scrapbook.

46. Road Trip!

47. Take Mac to Pearls’ Easter Egg Hunt in 2011.

48. Make cake pops or cake balls.

49. Document a “Day in My Life” with photos.

50. Go to the Opera.

51. Go to the Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival.

52. Go to the Hot Sauce Festival.

53. Retire both pair of my gaucho pants.

54. Go to 2 MLB games.

55. Hang curtains in the living room.

56. Paint both bathrooms.

57. Hang shelves in Mac’s room.

58. Hang picture grouping in Mac’s room.

59. Buy new running shoes.

60. Install digital thermostat in the house.

61. Wear cowboy boots with a sundress.

62. Swim with Mac.

63. Stop wearing maternity shirts. Put them away. September 15, 2010

64. Go to Deep Eddy Pool.

65. Go to Barton Springs.

66. Go to the Ballet.

67. Go to a Musical.

68. Go roller skating.

69. Hang something on the blank wall in the kitchen.

70. Touch up paint in the kitchen.

71. DIY project. Start and complete. Kitchen menu board.

72. DIY project. Start and complete. Guest room headboard.

73. DIY project. Start and complete. Flip Flops Flowers.

74. Motorcycle day trip.

75. Take camera everywhere for one week.

76. Buy/receive black pair of boots.

77. Resole brown boots.

78. Buy/receive sewing machine.

79. Make/Purchase shelves for both bathrooms.

80. Buy a good bath room scale.

81. Post weight loss goal and picture of the scale every

Thursday for the weigh in on Marvelous Mommy until the weigh in is over or I meet my goal weight.

82. Lose 25 pounds this year.

83. Clean out bookshelf in the office.

84. Do something spontaneous. Seriously NO planning.

85. Go to the Circus.

86. Bring home the “stuff” out of my room at my parents


87. Clean out my closet.

88. Make homemade ice cream.

89. Buy a lawnmower.

90. Buy a weedeater.

91. Go on the Riverboat tour on Town Lake.

92. Go to Gruene, Texas. See a show and eat at the Grist Mill.

93. Buy new bedding for our bed.

94. Put in flower bed edging in front yard

95. Volunteer.

94. Host an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party.

97. Take photo booth pictures with Jimmy and Mac.

98. Host a couples game night.

99. Go to an actual theater to see a movie, 5 times. (It seems like it would be simple but geez!)

100. Write down each day how Jimmy makes me happy for a week and then give the list to him.

101. Picnic in the park. November 2010