Wednesday, July 31, 2013


it's not just for cleaning teeth anymore! No, not only can this wonder product put a shine on a mouth full of teeth it can also STYLE your sisters hair!

Who knew??

Mac knew.

However. This was not the first attempt at toothpaste hair styling. Oh no. Here is the first toothpaste hair do.

So as you can see there is clearly a technique here. Less is definitely more when it comes to toothpaste hair styling. In the second attempt he used much more which clearly weighed the hair down and did not give it the "spike" effect that he was going for and expertly achieved in his first run.

There you have it folks. One toiletry item, two uses. Just careful on the amount.

May your teeth be shiny and your hair be minty fresh...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hippity Hoppity 2013

So I made a list of all the "Catch Up" posts I need to do to feel a sense of being caught up on major events. There are 6, including this one. So let's hop too!

Easter 2013 was fun! I don't know where any of the pictures from Pearl's Easter Egg Hunt are currently living. Cyber space or on an SD card in my mother's camera never-the-less here are pictures from their Easter photo shoot!

And what photo shoot would be complete without bloopers!!

Not to worry... both rabbits are fine!

(pictures taken by Kelsy from

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day was a lot of fun! My family always knows how to bring on my special day!!

I was taken to Cool River for brunch before heading off to church.

I got a new phone that day and I don't have many pictures because I couldn't figure out how to work it!

I'm not sure what was happening to the baby in that last picture but she is fine.

In addition to my phone I got some starter money for a purse that I had had my eye on for a while and then about a week later I got the rest of the money! Then I ordered my new baby and waited...
Isn't she beautiful!! It's nice to splurge every once in awhile.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Show Some Love

>Valentine's 2013 was one for the record books people. I have NEVER in all my " " years seen such an obnoxious display of candy coated spoiling efforts on two kids, ages 8 months and 3 years.

And that did not include what was brought home from school!

Next year they will have to share a marshmallow heart and be happy about it since this year they raked it in! (yeah right) Like I have that kind of restraint, not to mention the lack of control over the Granmothers and Great Grandmothers and the Great Aunt and Second Cousin...whew.

Here is what they got from us, the parents. Please don't pay too much attention to Lynnlee's unfinished Valentine Mail Box. It's finished now and ready for 2014 OK!

Those mailboxes are full of candy and puffs for the appropriate recipient and possibly some sort of toy :)

Her first Valentine card, so happy she could just eat it...

Mac got surprise Valentine balloons!

And he had some help with his card from his Daddy

Enter the Valentine's sent via USPS. (These were opened Valentine's night thus the pj wardrobe continuity issue on Mac.)

Didn't you buy them Valentine pjs? YEP! And they were in the dirty clothes thankyouverymuchforasking.

So in my head I was going to get some really cute pictures of the kids with the balloons before school in their Valentine clothes... HAHAHAHAA. whew. Must have been drinking Irish coffee that morning.

Me too Mac.

Catch ya on the flip side...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Ninja Turtle Blanket Heist

Recently Mac received a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle blanket. He loves it. It's super soft but he doesn't really care about that. It could be lined with barbed wire and still be awesome because it has ninja turtles on it.

Lynnlee also likes the blanket but not because of the turtles. She likes it because it's soft.

We layed the blanket out in the floor and were watching...wait for it... TMNT on tv and Lynnlee kept sitting, laying, rolling all over the blanket and then insisted on trying to steal it, literally, out from under us.

When she tried to take the blanket it messed it up. It wasn't flat and laying smooth anymore so Mac would get up and try to stop her. This went on...and on.

It was hilarous, to me and LP. Mac failed to find the humor.


But he showed her and wrapped himself up and sat down.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." William Shakespeare