Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mac's Third Birthday Party

I can't believe my little baby is 3! Three! Tres!
Ok those are all the ways I know how to express 3 but still it's completely shocking to me how time has passed so quickly. How my tiny tot is now a super spud, I mean, hello, he rides a bicycle now and tells me "I wanna go pertty fast, Mom". Ugh. I die. (and yes "pertty" is the correct spelling)

I could go on and on... so I will just stop now and cut to the birthday party! Mr. Mac had a baseball themed birthday party this year. It was super fun and the weather was perfect for his first outside party. We even had some additional out of town guests this year, my Aunt Sheryl and cousins Lydia and Neeley. They rode down with my Mom to help celebrate 3 years of Mac-tasticness.

We had the party outside in the backyard. I didn't want it to be awkward for arriving guests to let themselves into the house since we would be outside and unable to hear their knocks or the doorbell so I blocked off the front door!

And created a pathway fit for a baseball party to lead them around to the side gate...

Here are some of the decorations...

The "consession" stand was stocked accordingly. We had hot dogs in foil wrappers, nachos with the appropriate fake cheese and jalapenos in the plastic trays, cracker jacks, popcorn, roasted peanuts, and sunflower seeds. There was an assortment of cokes, lemonade, and water to enjoy as well!

This was the first party where I had games set up. Last year I had a "Go Fish" area for the kids to fish and catch a stuffed fish toy but nothing really interactive. But we definitely interacted this year!

And we played... and ate...

And then it was time to EAT CAKE and open gifts!!

Notice the missing icing...

Missing icing found... haha!

I think he had a great time. I know I did. :)