Friday, July 30, 2010

Mobile Mac

Yesterday evening I was cooking supper and heard an odd noise, I looked over to my right and saw this...
Now that we are crawling he made his first unassisted trip to the kitchen! He checked out the breakfast table

Then the wall
Rearranged the floor mat and checked out the oven

And ended up here until Dad got home. (please excuse the laundry)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Total CopyCat Post

So I am copying Emily from Emily and Drew Plus Asher! because she had such a sweet post about Asher the other day that I want to share the same about Mac! Emily celebrated the anniversary of when she and Drew found out they were having a Baby Boy! Now while I read her post I started feeling really bad about my Mom status since I had no clue what day Jimmy and I found out we were having a boy!! So I spent 45 minutes, seriously, hitting the "older posts" link on the bottom of my facebook page, no I'm not kidding I really did this, hoping that it would go back a year to when I posted the "It's A Boy" status on my fb... luckily I found it and the date was July 22, 2009! Happy I found the date but still felt bad because I missed the anniversary hahaa! It's ok, I'm over it! hehe.

Sooo I will just tell you about the day we found out. I was so excited to find out what we were having but equally excited about our plans on HOW to find out. My friend, when she was pregnant with her first found out the sex of her baby by having the information written down and put in an envelope, they went and picked out a boy and girl outfit and had the sales associate wrap the outfit that matched what was in the envelope. Then they got both their families together for dinner and opened the wrapped package and they all found out at the same time. So I made sure to remember what she did and then made it my own when we got pregnant.

July 22 Jimmy and I got up and got ready for my morning doctors appointment. I think it was around 8:30am. I know it was an early appointment because I went before I went to work. We got in our room and the nurse came in and we told her our plan. We wanted to know the sex but NOT right then, she needed to write it down and put it in an envelope (which we supplied). So she did, the appointment was over and we went to work. The envelope with the answer to "Is is a boy or girl?" sat in my front seat all day! Co-workers, friends were so annoyed that I had the information but wouldn't look!

After work Jimmy and I went home, got dressed up and went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had called ahead to make sure they could accommodate my special request. We got there and got seated, let the waiter, Austin, get our drinks and then we filled him in on our plan... Austin, I am pregnant and today we had an ultra sound that will tell us the sex of our baby. In this envelope is the sex, we don't know what it says but when you bring out our desserts please have the chef write in chocolate "It's A Boy" or "It's A Girl" on my plate.

Austin said that he had just come to work that day and didn't expect to have to do something this important. That he was nervous. He said "Wait. I am going to know what you are having before you do" I said yep, you and whoever plates our dessert! He grabbed his knees. He was a ham and we loved it. He was really cool about it and everytime he came back to the table we asked him if he peaked, and he hadn't, not until he turned in our dessert order!

This is us after he took our dessert order, I ordered chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake and Jimmy had cheesecake with strawberry topping.
And this is Austin, with my dessert AND the announcement we have been waiting to see all day!
And this was my plate!!
We were so excited and I was seriously shocked because I had convinced myself it was a girl!! So I didn't really believe it when I read "It's A Boy!".
And the texting starts...
And this is us. Leaving the restaurant knowing we are having a BABY BOY!

I love the way we found out and if Mac gets a chance to be a brother I will do it the same way! So much FUN!!

"Weekly Weigh In" Week 8 (Wk 4 for Me)


I am linking up with Amy over at Marvelous Mommy for my Weekly Weigh-In. Click the button below to go to her blog and read about it.

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week: 199 lbs
This Week: 194 lbs

Yay! 5 pounds down, 24 to go!! I seriously need to tone up!! I have got to get with the push ups and crunches but running is just so much easier than that!! UGH! I am definitely happy with the weight loss, I will be happier when my old clothes start fitting but I will get there!


Ok some of you have asked about what I am doing to lose weight, I hope this is the best way for ya'll to find my reply! :)

I run 3 miles 3 times a week, Mon, Wed, and Fri (next week I will be running 4 miles, 3 days a wk). I run in intervals of 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking. When I am running I try to keep my pace at a 10 minute mile pace, I have a Garmin running watch that tells me my pace but you don't have to have gadgets to do this! Next week I will be running 3:1 intervals and after about 3 or 4 weeks I will move to 4:1. This way I am constantly working and changing and my body doesn't get used to it. That is one reason I love intervals, your heart rate goes up and down which is good!

I play softball Tues and Thurs nights (trust me it's not a workout and I play because it's fun, however, it also keeps me off the couch).

During the week, Mon-Fri, for breakfast I eat either 3 scrambled eggs, a bowl of oatmeal plain (nothing in it at all), or a bagel with cream cheese. This morning I had 2 scrambled eggs and half a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I try not to eat the same breakfast two days in a row and I try to eat protein (I know bagels aren't protein hehe). And, of course, coffee... not the best choice but come on.

I try to have a snack at 10:30, apple or banana with peanut butter. I eat lunch around 1, a sandwhich, leftovers from the night before, or veggies and protein like cucumbers and chickpeas (which are AMAZING!), black beans and half an avocado. Morning Star makes an awesome Spicy Black Bean Burger patty and a good Garden Burger too. I would eat those with avocado and tomatoes, sometimes I put it on a bun. Speaking of bread, I try to only have bread once a day.

For dinner I try to cook lite. But more than that I just try to limit portions. A GREAT website for low fat recipes is LowFat Lifestyle. They are easy and taste good... I have tried several and only had one that wasn't a winner.

Now I am just doing what has worked for me in the past. I am certainly not trained to give advice and don't claim to be but my best suggestion would be this... If you are not working out, start. If you are working out, kick it up a notch. If you are doing nothing, start walking, slow is better than nothing and you have to start somewhere. If you are walking, walk faster. If you are jogging, jog a little faster... just keep increasing whatever you are doing :) set goals, run to the next tree, walk a minute faster than your last walk of the same distance. Push yourself, you will be so surprised and so excited to see just what you are capable of!! Your body CAN DO IT, it's your mind that will hold you back. I fight with myself my entire run because I want to stop but I know my body isn't tired it's just my mind trying to trick me into stopping! (If only you could hear the war that internally happens everytime I hit the trail!! haha)

If you have questions or if you are interested in a walk/jog/run schedule let me know!! I would love to help. Oh and one big tip.. schedule your workouts like you would schedule a meeting or a lunch. I write at the top of every Mon, Wed, Fri in my planner, RUN. Then if something else comes up I schedule it around my run, it's priority.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Firsts

While we were in Mt. Pleasant this weekend Mac sprouted his first tooth!! He started screaming crying at Mamaw's house and finally I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough a tooth. It is his middle bottom tooth. So Lydia and I were off to Walmart for Baby Tylenol and Oragel! So far it hasn't kept him up at night but we will see how that goes.

AND he is officially crawling! Before we left for Mt.P he was able to take a semi crawl step but not really, well being in NorthEast Texas must have been the boost he needed. Friday night he took about two crawling steps and Saturday he made it 3 and then 4 and well he's off and crawling now!! I will post some video of him later!!

What A Weekend!

Mac and I went to Mt. Pleasant this weekend to visit Nana, Pops, Uncle Randall and the rest of the family! We had such a good time it made it hard to leave.

Once we got home we had to play with Sandy. This is the first time that Mac was able to interact with Sandy and it was hilarious to watch. Sandy didn't quite know what to make of Mac but Mac definitely wanted to get a closer look and feel of Sandy. All that fur was just too hard to resist! Mac loves Sandy but we are not sure the feeling is mutual just yet.

Mamaw had a fish fry for us on Friday night and man was it tasty! While we were there Mac got to play with his cousin Neeley, who is working on her "HOOK'EM HORNS"! And the rest of us cousinsHis Great Mamaw and she really is GREAT! :) His cousins, Lydia and Neeley
Neeley gave Mac some new toys to play with. He got a zebra bouncy toy, a dog that talks and sings and a dog that becomes a pillow! He still needs help with the zebra but I'm sure before we know it he will be able to play all on his own.

Saturday was a fun day too! But first a nice little bath

He rode the four wheeler with Pops (and Sandy). Riding four wheelers can take a lot out of you. Dad said he just slumped forward asleep! haha!
While he was aleep his Great Mama came to visit and for some reason I don't have a picture of them. After she left we went to town for lunch! RANDY BURGERS!! And they were glorious, please note the grease marks on the bag... awesomeness in a brown paper sack.

And after lunch.. a nap. Uncle Randall is just too comfy
Friday night Pops grilled steaks and Nana made salad and baked potatoes for supper. Mama joined us for supper but I still didn't get a picture! Mac had english peas and then a bottle to top it off. He drank his bottle while we ate and we just happened to notice how relaxed he was, check out those little toes on the tray hahaha! Then he had a little Uncle Randall time.

Sunday morning Nana fed Mac while I slept and shortly after his bottle, at 7am, he fell back asleep in their bed. For another hour!
After he got up from his nap he played with Pops while I packed up the car.

Then, sadly, it was time to go. I wish we could have stayed longer and I wish we could go more than once a month. Hopefully in the next year or so we can figure out a better, closer arrangement. But for now we just enjoy the time we get to spend with the family.