Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nana Camp 2011

Two weeks ago Mac went on his very first solo trip to MtP to Nana and Pops' house. Solo as in his Nana and I met half way and I dropped him off with her. I did not send him solo to MtP via Greyhound... although with gas prices, KIDDING!

He spent the week being spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it! This kid came home with a new red Lightening McQueen Car and red sunglasses to match. Here is Mac with Pops, one of the activity directors at Nana Camp, pushing Mac in his new car.

And the new shades... super style'n.

One of the really cool things about Nana camp is that they are all about relaxing and ensuring that you enjoy your stay. If you get tired of pushing yourself on your push toy car, they will step in and do the pushing for you.

They have been doing this for years, back when it was just called Mom and Dads, Dad used to push Randall and I around on our tricycles like this except back then it was a big stick and not a broom! Just another plus of Nana Camp, years of professional, hands on experience!

They are not sticklers on dress code either, anything goes. So if you want to do your early morning sidewalk chalk art class in your skivies... no problem.

Nana Camp also stresses the importance of reading and bring in seasoned professionals and story tellers during the week.

(Mac with is 2 Great Grandmothers)

One afternoon Mac was treated to a front row baton show. This is Neeley, a novice twirler at best, but she will twirl her little heart out for anyone who will watch!

Hydrating after the show.

Being Nice is a big rule at Nana Camp.

They even have fun exhibits at camp. This is the Prewitt Racing Shop where Mac got to be hands on with one of the retired dragsters.

All in all Nana Camp was well received and I think he is already looking forward to NC2012! We'll see ya down the road...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Games Never Get Old...

Mac was at it again with the "Cover Your Head and Run" game a few weeks ago. I know I have posted about his before but it's still so funny to me. I don't get it but he loves covering his head and walking around, laying down, getting up and doing it again.

This time he was using the couch blanket.

Cover me back up!!!

Wanna play?

If you could hear the giggles coming out from under this blanket, it would melt your heart.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And The Main Event

Mac and I went to Main Event for my friend Amanda's 30th birthday party the other day. Mac thoroughly enjoyed running around the pool tables but I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed chasing him. Everyone just watched and smiled or laughed at him so that made it better and he didn't try to yank someones pool stick out of their hands mid shot so that was a bonus. I don't think anyone minded him running around, they kept saying he was cute and Main Event is a family place so I'm sure people sort of expect it. I didn't get any pictures of him running the pool table gauntlet because I was afraid to give him that much of a head start! haha

He did enjoy a big cheese burger and some fries while he was there...

And he got to catch up with an old buddy that he had not seen since his car carrier days...

Mac and his girlfriend Lesley. He follows her around every time we see her.

At one point we bravely wandered over to the bowling lanes... that ended up being brief. Mac really really wanted to run out onto the lanes! But who doesn't. Instead he chatted some more with Jillian...

And he helped with bowling ball retrieval...

He had a great time and got to take some cake home for later. Maybe when he is older we will go back at attempt a little bowling!!

Oh, the cake? Amanda's Mom made it and, of course, didn't disappoint. She can bake and decorate, the total package! Mrs. Mueller is the one that made Mac's first birthday cake. This cake is hiking themed because Amanda and her boyfriend will be going on a 26 mile hike soon. :) Here are some pictures...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Refrigerator of Mystery and Wonder

Mac can open the fridge. He can close the fridge. He likes to open the fridge, place his sippy cup in the fridge, close the fridge, open the fridge and take a drink out of his sippy cup, replace sippy cup on shelf, close the fridge, open the... see where this is going.

And sometimes while he's in there he likes to rummage around, you now see what he can see...
Mom this medicine is old, should I take some anyway?

MMMmmm what's this that has it's own compartment...

He also likes to play with the tempurature settings of the refrigerator. And who wouldn't since the Whirlpool people made the controls into fun little dials that turn back and forth! I pulled out something from the middle of the shelf the other day and it was frozen solid! He had turned the temp to 5-coldest and I checked the freezer setting it was on 2! And last night we had the strobe light dance party going on because he was pushing the light switch on and off haha!

So what happens when you leave the room with a 19 month old that knows how to open the refrigerator door. This...

Yep, I walked in on him EATING BUTTER!! This happened two Sundays ago, Aug 7. I was trying to pack the car with all of Mac's gear because we were trying to leave and meet my Mom so he could go to Mt.P for the week. It could have been much worse because he had not gotten it all over himself (yet) so I just washed his hands and face so I am thankful for that. Nothing like trying to clean a greasy baby!

Actual text convo to Jimmy about the incident...
"I just caught your son in the fridge eating a stick of butter".
"I hope you spanked him instead of just laughing because that's pretty funny".
"Um No, I didn't laugh I got grossed out and grabbed the camera and decided I wouln't be mad because a package of stick butter is less than a dollar and eating butter is prob punishemnt enough. haha"

I did buy fridge locks at WalMart last night but not sure I want to mess with that just yet. We are currently putting those knob guard thingys on the doors because, yes, he can open all the doors to all the rooms and let himself out the front door (which cause me to have 57 heart attacks in as many seconds the first time that happened).

But, really, who could be mad at this face!