Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In 17 (wk 13 for me)

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Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week: 188 lbs
This Week: 185 lbs
Goal Weight by Dec: 178 lbs
Goal Weight Overall: 165 lbs

I lost 3 pounds! I am excited! I have 7 pounds to go to hit my pre-prego weight! However, once I get there I am not done. Seems that the ol'pregnancy has left me with a nice jiggly, gelatinous stomach. Now don't get me wrong, never in my life have I had a firm stomach but at the very least it was flat'ish. I mean it still jiggled some but it was much better than what is going on right now!! hahaa!! I see lots of crunches in my future! I am just happy that the weight is coming off and that I am finally seeing a difference in how my clothes fit!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9 months 11 days

Mac is just over 9 months old!! I can't believe it. He had his 9 month well check yesterday and he did great. He got two shots and barely got upset! Such a tough little boy. He weighs 25.9 pounds and is 29.5 inches. (this is why my Mom refers to him as 30x30) hahaha.

At 9 months he is:
crawling everywhere, fast!
pulling up and walking with assistance.
getting into everything, all the time!
eating 3 meals a day and starting with table foods.
drinking three 8oz bottles of formula a day now.

He has the best personality, he loves to play and pull hair! He is seriously stubborn and when we tell him "NO!" he just looks at us and laughs. He is going to give us a run for our money!!

Weekend at the Races

This past Saturday we loaded up the Expedition and headed for Ennis, Texas to go to the 25th annual O'Reily Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals. My Dad was racing so we were going to go watch but as the "Prewitt Luck" would have it, he lost first round on Friday so we didn't get to see him. It was still lots of fun to just be at the races again. I grew up at the race track and it's been forever since I have gone to a race, so much fun!

This is my Dad's dragster. (These pictures are from Tulsa since my Mom has not uploaded this past weekends pictures just yet)

And more on that "Prewitt Luck" thing, it was raining when we got to Ennis. It rained for a while so we ended up watching most of the UT football game in the motorhome. But we made the best of it and still had fun playing with Mac and watching Mac play with Sandy (the dog).

Dad and Mac, Mac is sporting Dad's hat.

Uncle Randall and Mac in their matching Prewitt Racing t-shirts.

Nana and Mac hanging out on the couch. Mac was wearing his Nitro Drools onsie, on the rearend of the onsie it says "the Smell of Nitro"... maybe only racers would get this so I will explain, Nitro smells bad...heheee

It finally stopped raining so we ventured out to the pit area to check out all the Top Fuel/ Top Alcohol cars and just to see what we could see. This was Jimmys first time at the "big" races so we wanted to take him around and show him the different cars/dragsters/etc. Here's what happened in the pits...

We saw ProStock driver for Summit Racing, Jason Line.

and Terry McMillen, he drives the Top Fuel dragster for Amalie Oil.

This is Robert Hight's Auto Club Ford Mustang Funny Car with the body off. They are making adjustments to it and had started it up, it's funny to watch the crowd gather when a race car is cranked up. (Robert Hight is John Force's son-in-law... if you don't know who John Force is let me tell you he is a racing LEGEND in his own time, amazing.)

Oh and that John Force dude that is awesome... here he is signing autographs for his fans.

Now I have John Force's autograph from races many years ago but when you see JF you don't just say "Ah, I already have is sig" and walk away, you get it again! But all I had was my camera!! No pen, no paper, nothing. He had a sharpie so he could have signed my shirt but it was a UT shirt and that just didn't make sense. And I wasn't about to get my arm signed because, well, it would just wash off. So I got inventive... I stuck out the toe of my converse...

Yep I literally held my foot out and he signed it. He looked at me and kinda laughed. It was funny. He is awesome, did I say that already?

This is Ashley Force Hood's Castrol GTX Ford Mustang Funny Car body. Yes, John Force's daughter races on his team (she is not the daughter married to Robert Hight). She wasn't around but how cool would it have been to have her sign my other shoe??!!! hahaha.

We got to watch Morgan Lucas, driver for the GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fuel dragster helping his pit crew check out his car. He was in it revving it up while they made their adjustments.

By this time it was getting close to 5:30, that's when they said they were going to resume racing. We headed back to the motorhome to get Mac's earmuffs and then on to the stands to watch the rest of the days races. Mac is not yet a racing fan. The cars were too loud and I don't think he liked the fact that the cars shook the stands. He didn't like the earmuffs either so we tried to take them off in between runs.

Some of the racing we watched...

Once the days racing was over we went back to the motorhome and fired up the grill. My Dad cooked hamburgers for us and they were so good! There is just something better about track burgers! We ate and visited for a little while but had to get on the road. It was just after 9pm when we left to start our 3 hour trip back to Austin. It was a long day but so worth it, rain and all. I can't wait till next year!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - Week 16

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My Little Apricot

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week: 189 lbs
This Week: 188 lbs
I lost a pound!! I am happy with the loss since on a couple of occasions this past week I enjoyed some margaritas... full of sugar... so the fact that I still lost a pound is great!! I did run everyday and tried to push myself to run faster. I am going to try to steadily increase my run pace. Once I am happy with that I am going to add a mile, hopefully by November 1st.
Ps. I am loving the weather down here in Texas!! It has cooled off so much! Monday when I ran it was 88'ish and yesterday was 92!!! So much easier to run when it's cool and way more enjoyable!! (I know if there are any northern folks reading this you may think I am crazy but us Texans start wearing sweatshirts when it hits 75 because that's basically freezing!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cabinets are Fun!

Oh the mystery of the kitchen cabinet. What treasures hide behind those doors. There is such an allure, a pull, a constant want of those fun pots, pans, skillets and a grease splatter screen?

This morning rounding the corner into the kitchen I heard an unfamiliar noise, which with a 9 month old unfamiliar noises are cause for concern. This is what I walked in on...


So I put it back and immediately he goes for it again.

So I take it away again and move him back so I can shut the door and the meltdown commences.

Serious, real, crocodile tears are happening.

So I move him to the living room, I am supposed to be gathering things to head out the door, and give him a toy. I go back to the kitchen only to turn around and...

He crawled, still crying, to me. I hugged him and sat him down to continue whatever I was doing and then...

He was licking the bottom of the skillet??!! Why!!??

By this time I had gathered everything and was ready to go. I put the skillet back in the cabinet, picked Mac up and headed for the car. This whole object permanence thing is NOT what it's cracked up to be!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What A Weekend...

My weekend started off on Friday with being trapped in Hobby Lobby while the torrentail down pour took place. Now I am not complaining about being trapped in HL, in fact I can't think of a better place to be trapped. The reason I went to HL was to waist time until the Hubby could get to Best Buy, two stores down, so that he could show me the new TV he wanted to get.

Jimmy got there and it was still raining pretty hard so I told him to come pick us up. He pulled up and Mac and I jumped in the back seat. Now the carseat is in my car but it was raining and we were about to get back out of the car so I said just go to Best Buy (we all survived not being in carseats so I figured driving less than 100 yards would be fine... as long as no cops saw us... if you want to call CPS I will look up the number for you) Our friend Nick was with us and he drove my car over to Best Buy for me, thanks Nick.

Needless to say this is what came home with us...

Jimmy found the corner stand on craigslist for $50. He went to pick it up and on his way to meet me is when the down pour started so he had to take it to Nick's house and unload it and dry it off. Nick and Jimmy spent Friday evening setting it all up and getting the PS3 working. I finally went to bed at 11pm and they were just starting to play Madden11 haha! Boys and their toys!

We had a large entertainment center in the living room and now that it's gone the room looks bare. I decided curtains would help the sparse look so now I have to go shopping! hehe.

Saturday I went to lunch with two of my girlfriends. We spent 3 hours talking and catching up. It was a great lunch date and a great Brunch/Lunch! I love Polvo's! After lunch I ran to the grocery store to get game day food supplies. We had fancy hotdogs and baked beans... fancy because they were not served on paper plates! The game was terrible, we managed to win but I'm not sure how. I love the Horns through good seasons and bad but the team on the field Saturday was hard to watch. They are a young team but what's with all the penalities and butterfingers guys??!! Oh well, the hotdogs were tasty and I put my baked beans ON my hotdog... phenom!!

Mac getting ready for the game...

Still not so sure about the knit hat... we will keep trying.

Game time...

Sunday my friend Melinda, Mac and I went to check out the Austin Children's Museum. It was free and we thought it would be a good time to check it out and see if it would be something that Mac could do when he gets older. It was fun but much smaller than I thought it would be.

After the museum we went across the street to Cantina Laredo, tasty times! And then home. The rest of the day went something like this:
Cowboys suck, Texans rock, YAY Grill'em all won "The Great Food Truck Race"!, Colts destroyed the Giants, bedtime.