Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr. Mac

Mac is so much better today. Last night he woke up around 1am crying and he had 101.8 fever. I gave him some Tylenol and rocked him for about 40 minutes until the fever broke. He went right to sleep when I put him back in his crib and slept until about 8:30 this morning.

The difference between now and last night is amazing. He played all day, rolled around all over the living room and thoroughly entertained us with a new face he is making! He was feeling so well that he and Mom got to come with me to my meeting with Magan, my photographer, and they helped me pick out which family pictures to order. After the meeting Nana got him some new toys at WalMart and they had a blast playing with those this afternoon.
This evening Mac had a very special visitor! Jocelyn, his friend Eli's mom, came over and brought Mac a gift from his classmates at daycare! It was so nice of everyone to think of Mac and send such a fun gift sack full of TOYS! We had a fun time getting them out and playing with them. I will take pictures and get them up soon so you can see the great stuff he got! (I was trying to take pictures and he got a little I will try later)


  1. Glad he is feeling better today.

  2. Yay... I'm so glad y'all liked our surprise gifts! And I can't wait to see your family pictures!

  3. Glad Mac is doing so much better...that is a good smile!