Monday, June 7, 2010

My First Blog Attempt

Ok here it goes. My first post on my first blog. I remember a ton of years ago when my friend, Monica, and I volunteered for SXSW and spent many hours in the convention center. We kept seeing these shirts that said "Blogger". We had no idea what it meant. It was the newest thing then and eight or so years later... look at me!! I'm blogging! So here I am trying to figure out everything, posting, pictures, cute layouts that fit (help with that is appreciated).

Anyway, a few of my friends mentioned a blog when I got pregnant. I blew it off, I didn't know what I would write/type about. I thought about it after I had Mac and knew I wouldn't have time but now 5 1/2 months into his little life I think I have a few things to say! and more than a few pictures to show off! So as I find my Blogging Feet I will post pictures and thoughts, opinions, ramblings to keep you as up to date as possible on my life with my awesome husband, Jimmy, and my perfect little man, Mac.

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