Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Baby

Yesterday we stayed home to play and rest. He needed to catch up on some good sleep since he didn't feel well this weekend. You can tell he is back to his old self in these pictures. We had so much fun playing! I got out some new toys from the baby showers that he is old enough to play with now and he dove right in. We played with his wooden blocks and his stacking ring set. I stacked the blocks and he knocked them down! I think we make a great team! haha. He just chewed on the rings, he did watch me stack them on the holder but he was content just chewing on them.

He looked so cute in his footed onsie. I held him a lot and just cuddled him and enjoyed my sweet sweet baby boy. I am so happy he is not sick anymore, I missed those big smiles he gives me!!

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