Monday, July 26, 2010

What A Weekend!

Mac and I went to Mt. Pleasant this weekend to visit Nana, Pops, Uncle Randall and the rest of the family! We had such a good time it made it hard to leave.

Once we got home we had to play with Sandy. This is the first time that Mac was able to interact with Sandy and it was hilarious to watch. Sandy didn't quite know what to make of Mac but Mac definitely wanted to get a closer look and feel of Sandy. All that fur was just too hard to resist! Mac loves Sandy but we are not sure the feeling is mutual just yet.

Mamaw had a fish fry for us on Friday night and man was it tasty! While we were there Mac got to play with his cousin Neeley, who is working on her "HOOK'EM HORNS"! And the rest of us cousinsHis Great Mamaw and she really is GREAT! :) His cousins, Lydia and Neeley
Neeley gave Mac some new toys to play with. He got a zebra bouncy toy, a dog that talks and sings and a dog that becomes a pillow! He still needs help with the zebra but I'm sure before we know it he will be able to play all on his own.

Saturday was a fun day too! But first a nice little bath

He rode the four wheeler with Pops (and Sandy). Riding four wheelers can take a lot out of you. Dad said he just slumped forward asleep! haha!
While he was aleep his Great Mama came to visit and for some reason I don't have a picture of them. After she left we went to town for lunch! RANDY BURGERS!! And they were glorious, please note the grease marks on the bag... awesomeness in a brown paper sack.

And after lunch.. a nap. Uncle Randall is just too comfy
Friday night Pops grilled steaks and Nana made salad and baked potatoes for supper. Mama joined us for supper but I still didn't get a picture! Mac had english peas and then a bottle to top it off. He drank his bottle while we ate and we just happened to notice how relaxed he was, check out those little toes on the tray hahaha! Then he had a little Uncle Randall time.

Sunday morning Nana fed Mac while I slept and shortly after his bottle, at 7am, he fell back asleep in their bed. For another hour!
After he got up from his nap he played with Pops while I packed up the car.

Then, sadly, it was time to go. I wish we could have stayed longer and I wish we could go more than once a month. Hopefully in the next year or so we can figure out a better, closer arrangement. But for now we just enjoy the time we get to spend with the family.

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  1. It looks like you had a great weekend! Dustyn loves riding four wheelers too. He would fall asleep while riding a lot. Those burgers and fries look delicious!