Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Team Edward

Saturday was the day of the ECLIPSE PARTY!!! For those of you who don't know, Eclipse is the third movie in The Twilight saga and it opened this weekend. We are way to into the series, we own and have read all the books, multiple times, own memorabila and t-shirts. So now you know, I didn't mention my obsession earlier because I knew it would come out eventually...

First, Monica throws the B.E.S.T parties. She is so detailed, it's awesome. I helped put up a few decorations and I was dubbed official taste tester (I dubbed myself that but we're not splittig hairs here). She cooked, I finished decorating and then the first couple of guests arrived. We watched, or fastforwarded to the parts with Edward, Twilight and then played the Twilight Scene It game. And I Won! haha.

During the game a few more guests arrived and when the game was over we watched the beginning and the end of New Moon, the second movie, just to refresh ourselves on how it ended so that we were prepared for Eclipse. At 6pm we loaded up the cars and headed to the IMAX Theater to see Edward 6 stories tall. Jacob was there too, 6 stories of abs are not bad but we are faithful to Edward. We did have some Team Jacob members infiltrate our little party but they are die hard twi-tards like the rest of us so how could we deny them haha...

The movie started at 7pm. We got the seats we wanted, got settled in, the movie started and we were zoned in for 2 hours and 4 minutes.

THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!! Amazing! Wow! I can't believe I now have to wait a WHOLE year before Breaking Dawn comes out. It's going to be pure torture. Luckily I will not have to suffer this alone as my fellow twi-tards will be suffering along side me.

Here are some very fun pictures of our night...
Decorations: I hung up the life size Edward decal on the window and taped the life size Jacob to the back of the bathroom door...Monica did the rest.Budro didn't stay for the party, we was promptly ushered out but not before we got a picture of him with Jacob... He's a good sport.The food, and yes most of it was related back to the books...Some of the guests...I don't have the group picture yet but will put it up soon.The Game that I WON and Me with my prize (the New Moon soundtrack) and mini Edward...Heading out to the movie!!
Before we left for the IMAX Monica gave us our party favors, it included a bookmark of either Edward or Jacob (I got Edward), a New Moon chocolate candy, a package of gummy bears because irritated grizzly is Emmetts favor food and a pack of "Eclipse" gum!!! Soooo clever!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! The party and all the decorations are awesome.

    I feel like a bad Twilight fan. I haven't seen Eclipse yet. Hoping to go Thursday or Saturday when my parents can watch the boys. I can't wait to see it.

  2. You and your friends are too funny! I've seen the first two movies (never in the theater... always at home) but have never read the books.