Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lessons Learned...

Not my typical Tuesday afternoon...

So yesterday morning I asked Jimmy if he would like to have dinner at Kahuna's Bar and Grill, I had a coupon that we needed to use because it would expire Aug 25th. He said that sounded like a good time.

About the coupon - I got the coupon from a Groupon deal, I paid $10 for $20 worth of food. Good deal. I bought the coupon May 25th and it was going to expire Aug 25, today. So our plan was to meet after work for an early dinner. I left work a little early so I could get Mac and get up north before the 5 o'clock traffic craziness. While I was getting Mac from daycare Jimmy called, luckily I had stuck my phone in my pocket, and he said don't rush because he had gotten called back to a work site and would be about 30 minutes late. Well I was already loading Mac into his carseat but that was fine, we would just wait for him at the restaurant. Once I got on IH35 I decided that instead of waiting we would go to Target, I called Jimmy to let him know the new plan and for him to call me when we left the job and we would head over.

This is where it gets fun.

Mac and I get into Target and I suddenly have to pee! Problem. I carried Mac into Target, no carseat. Ok, I can figure this out. We get to the restroom and I decide to change Mac first. Thank goodness for forethought, for once! He had pooped! Now this was nothing major, no blowouts, just poo but with all the juggling around and switching seats that was about to happen this "just poo" would have escaped out the top of the diaper and as my luck would have it... there wasn't a change of clothes in the diaper bag. BUT not to worry because I caught it in time! Score one for Mommy! (This after I realized I also didn't have a changing pad and was NOT about to put my precious baby down on an uncovered public restroom changing table so I just went to the paper towel dispenser and dispensed 4 very long paper towels turned changing pad.) Ok, diaper changed, faux changing pad removed, diaper bag packed back up, I still have to peeee!

What to do.

I knew I couldn't get a buggy and leave him parked outside the restroom that's why I didn't even bother to get one when I first walked into Target. I also knew that I could not leave him strapped to the changing table unsupervised while I went to the restroom. I thought about sitting him IN the diaper bag, laying the diaper bag on it's side and sitting him on top, if he had shoes on he could stand and lean against my knees... right? Yeah like he would just sit there or lean there. Ok. He is just going to have to sit on my lap.

Second issue.

I had on gaucho pants yesterday. You know that ones that look like flowy yoga pants, yeah those. And when you pull them down they drag all over the floor so you have to hold them, gathered up while you "go". So you're telling me I have to hold my gathered up gauchos AND my 8month old WHILE I pee? Yes. Ok, just checking.

So I do exactly that.

Then, I have to, um, dismount? I have to hold Mac on my left hip and pull up the right side of my undies and gauchos and then switch him to my right hip and continue pulling everything up. And then (andddd theeennn) arrange myself so that my tank top is kind of straight and the top of my pants aren't all bunched up... and done!

I did it! Yay me! Score another one for Mommy!

Now we had been out of the restroom for about 10 minutes when Jimmy called and said he was headed to Kahuna's so we head that way too. We get there and something doesn't look right, not enough cars by the building and it looks a little dark. Then I see Jimmy still in the truck. hmmm

I pull up, roll down the window and he says "They are closed. Closed for good. I went up to the door and it was locked. There happened to be a guy on the sidewalk and he told me that 'about 10 minutes ago the landlord went in, cleared everyone out, shut everything down and locked the doors'." I just laughed. My only response was "I want my $10 back!" hahaa. Mommy coupon fail.

Jimmy suggested going to Chipotle, didn't sound good to me so I just said let's go home. While we were driving I called Jimmy to see if he wanted me to cook burgers or order a pizza. He said burgers. Great. I get home, get Mac his food, go to the freezer to get out turkey to defrost... no turkey! Jimmy just laughed. I said pizza or Sonic. Sonic it was.

So at the end of the day it was Mommy 2, Fail 1. I can live with that. My lessons learned for the day: 1. I now know that I can handle what I think could be a restroom crisis, 2. Use coupons, especially ones you pay for, before the establishment goes under!

The end.


  1. That stinks, but funny story!! I had to do that with Carsyn not that long ago. It was hard.

  2. I have never read a more entertaining version of someone going to the bathroom! One extra point for Mommy's good story-telling! :-)

  3. This is such a great story. You're a trooper!

    I give you a "10" on the dismount. funny!! Glad you survived that day and can laugh about it. :o)

    I LOVE your dining room photo display, by the way. That is really beautiful!