Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In - Week 12 (wk 8 for me)

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I have been dreading today, weigh in day, but I hold my head high and will proudly post because I know it will be better next week... or so I'm telling myself.

Last weekend I went to the beach, I came back a little too relaxed and lackadaisical and decided no running this week. (Plus my running shoes died a long time ago and I have been running in them anyway and they are hurting my feet, no really they are.) So after some fun in the sun, snacking with the girls I came back to reality and had 2 pints of ice cream this week... and I enjoyed it! haha. I will be purchasing new running shoes, hopefully today or tomorrow, (I tried to buy new shoes yesterday but they were out of my size in MY brand of shoe, Mizuno, and said they were expecting a shipment by Friday so I am waiting on that) and will be back on track starting Monday. So in the true spirit of the weigh in I will post my sad weight gain with pride in that I had fun gaining it! hahaha!!

Sorry no photo this week... But I can assure you the numbers are true :o

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week: 191 lbs
This Week: 196 lbs

Yep 5 pounds gained but I really think that I needed this to happen just to prove that my workouts are working. That trudging out in the heat of the day, Texas triple digit heat of the day, at 4pm to run intervals for 4 miles around Town Lake is working. I need to keep it up, I need to focus. I need a bigger goal than weight loss, too, to encourage me to keep going so I am looking for a 10K to sign up for and I think that will help. I am not mad or sad about the 5 pounds, it will come off. I just needed the lesson and the proof that what I am doing each week, 3 times a week is a good thing!

Ps... I WILL have a new bathroom scale next week!! So that is also a little encouragement to get my rear in gear so that its debut picture will be a positive one!! hahaha


  1. Everyone needs a week off. My husband says you need to jolt your system once in a while. I'm sure you'll burn off those 5lbs in no time!

  2. well just keep trying marci. I know it is hard. I struggle with it everyday. but I have been getting encouragement from what you are doing. So keep on running and eating healthy for you and your family.

  3. Hey at least you had a great time gaining it! It sounds like it was worth it and everyone needs a break now and again!

  4. 2 pints of ice cream? YES PLEASE!
    Hold your head real high Marci. You have been kicking major butt in these weigh ins and you totally deserve a break. I hope your weekend was as fabulous as it sounds and that your feet are well rested cause I am sure that this week your going to put on those new shoes and run like there is no tomorrow!

  5. So sorry for you weight gain, but glad you had fun doing it! I need to do my weigh in. I was busy this morning. I did weigh my self it was almost a pound weight loss though. So that is one positive. You will do so good next week. :D Good luck!

  6. Weight loss has its ups and downs. I am sure you will have that 5 pounds off in no time.