Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cabinets are Fun!

Oh the mystery of the kitchen cabinet. What treasures hide behind those doors. There is such an allure, a pull, a constant want of those fun pots, pans, skillets and a grease splatter screen?

This morning rounding the corner into the kitchen I heard an unfamiliar noise, which with a 9 month old unfamiliar noises are cause for concern. This is what I walked in on...


So I put it back and immediately he goes for it again.

So I take it away again and move him back so I can shut the door and the meltdown commences.

Serious, real, crocodile tears are happening.

So I move him to the living room, I am supposed to be gathering things to head out the door, and give him a toy. I go back to the kitchen only to turn around and...

He crawled, still crying, to me. I hugged him and sat him down to continue whatever I was doing and then...

He was licking the bottom of the skillet??!! Why!!??

By this time I had gathered everything and was ready to go. I put the skillet back in the cabinet, picked Mac up and headed for the car. This whole object permanence thing is NOT what it's cracked up to be!!!


  1. Aww! Poor Mac. What I did was put locks on everything but one cabinet and let Dustyn play in there.

  2. So funny! Asher does stuff like that all the time. Why do they lick weird stuff? A is determined to chew on every electrical cord he can find - it's ridiculous! He also loves to grab anything that's hanging and BANG it back and forth.

    These boys keep up hopping!