Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Mac News

Mac cut his third tooth this weekend while in Mt. Pleasant! It is his right upper front tooth. He did so well with it too. He wasn't fussy or anything but was chewing on everything so I took a little look and sure enough! Tooth number 3! It's really hard to take pictures of baby teeth, I did the best I could... but there is an arrow pointing to where the tooth is coming in.

Also this weekend Mac started walking using the objects he pulls up on!! He pulled up on the foot rest of dad's recliner and walked around to the side to get in a better position to grab at Sandy! haha... I tried to get a video of him doing that this morning but it didn't work out. Apparently he has a "do not perform on command" clause in his contract so I will keep trying... but it's just too cute! He is growing and changing so fast! He is going to be walking soon and that makes me very happy and very sad.

He is getting into the kitchen cabinets now too. I told Jimmy last night that we were going to have to put door pulls on the cabinets so that we would have a way of keeping him out of them!

Ps.. We watched Finding Nemo yesterday. I think Mac liked it!


  1. Looks like he enjoyed it! We haven't watched it yet, but I really think Luke would like it. The little baby teeth are so cute too!

  2. So cute! Dustyn LOVES Finding Nemo.