Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Weekend In MtP

We went to Mt. Pleasant over the Labor Day weekend to visit Nana, Pops and the rest of the family. We got there Friday afternoon around 2pm and went to visit Nana at school. The kids and the teachers just loved Mac! We stayed for a little bit but all the attention was making Mac tired and it had been a long trip so I wanted to get him home. We went to the house and Sandy (the dog) greeted us at the door and for the next two hours Sandy and Mac chased each other, running circles around me! They wore me out, Sandy wore Mac out and I put Mac to bed for his afternoon nap... and I apparently fell asleep in dad's recliner because the phone woke me up when my brother called! haha...

Saturday is usually when we run around and take Mac to visit Mamaw and his cousins, make the obligotory trip to Wal-Mart, etc. but this Saturday had to be planned specifically around the KICKOFF OF THE UT FOOTBALL SEASON!! We managed to get everything to fit in and watched the first half of the game at Mamaw's.

We headed home during halftime, little man was worn out from playing with Neeley and cheering for his Longhorns!

He played with Nana and Pops when he could, they both got sick with the virus that is going around on Saturday night and spent the day Sunday out of commission. We left Monday, Nana and Pops were feeling better, but not without having a nice long four wheeler ride with Pops. I didn't get a picture because my camera was already packed.

Here are a few pictures from our visit.

This is the best shot I got that shows his whole Longhorn hat. But I have a few more games to try and get a really good one!

Uncle Randall time!

When Mac Attacks!

Mac show'n off his new PJ's! Mamaw bought Mac his first two pair of PJ's, yes he has been sleeping in only a diaper... I know, I know.

Playing with my, um, retro toys.

Trying to eat Sandy's food.

Wanting to play with Nana but she was sick so she had to hide under the covers... :(

Playing with his new toy that Nana bought for him!!

We had a great time. I wish we could have stayed longer but we will be headed back soon!!


  1. What a fun weekend with family! These pictures make me want to go visit my folks in Shiner!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. Love his onesie and hat. Very cute!