Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Boat Ride and a Visitor from DC!

I few weeks ago I purchased two tickets to the LoneStar Riverboat Tour on Town Lake for only $10, that's half off! I thought it would be fun, something different to do and get us out of the house as a family! The day could not have been better. The weather and company were perfect!! The tour lasts an hour, they take you up and down the main portion of Town Lake, or Lady Bird Lake if you are comfortable with change. The captain gives you some Austin trivia, history, commentary in general.

The coolest piece of information that I learned was what Mopac stands for. For those of you not in Austin we have a large highway that runs around Austin called Mopac (Loop 1). It has to do with the railroads and where they ran in Austin, MO-Missouri, PAC- Pacific... Missouri Pacific Railroad!! MOPAC!!

We had a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it.

And after we got home from our boat outting we looked forward to 6pm when our friend Michelle was coming over!! She was in for a long weekend and came over to the house for a visit and to play with Mac!! She brought us dinner from Central Market, delicious, so we got to eat and chat and have some grown up time and then she got to play with Mac until he went to bed. She even brought Mac a fun toy for the backyard! We really enjoyed Michelle's visit, we love it when she comes to town!! (and cross our fingers in hopes that one day she will have an Austin address again!!)


  1. In that last photo, with the way she is leaning, it looks like the ball is a grey prgnant belly =)

    The boat looks fun!

  2. Looks like a fun time. Wonderful pictures.