Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween MtP Trip: Part 2

Halloween! Well, the day before anyway. Saturday was Neeley's 4th birthday and the day of her Hello Kitty Birthday Party! The party was fun, Neeley received a ba-jillon presents and the cake was fantastic!! There was a bounce house, a swing set and frisbee for the big kids (aka my husband, Neeley's Dad, Neeley's Grandad, and my brother! haha)

Mac and the Birthday Girl, she wanted to hold him. haha

Neeley and her cake. Lydia, Neeley's mom, made the cake! I told her she better watch out or she would be making the cake for Mac's Mt. Pleasant First Birthday Party!

Mac with his Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sheryl.

Neeley opened her ba-jillion presents but the lip gloss was a big hit. She took off running in a huge circle screaming and showing it off.

Mac needed sunglasses to protect his corneas from all the hot pink!

After all the presents were opened and people were starting to leave, I changed Mac into his Halloween costume so that Lydia, Sheryl, and Randall could see him since we were not going to see them again this trip after we left Lydia's house. Sheryl had put together a big, fun treat bag for Mac's First Halloween. He loved the dancing skeleton!!

We left and went to Trick or Treat at Mamaw's house.

And Mac wanted to show her the dancing skeleton...

After Mamaw's, where he definitely ended up with some treats, we went home to meet Pops and eat supper! After we ate I threw his costume back on and tried to get outside before we lost all daylight for a couple of pictures.

After the outside photo shoot Mac, Mom and me went up the road to Mama's house for the last Trick or Treat of the night. He got a lot of candy there too!

And after a quick check in her cabinets it was time to go home for playtime with Nana and Pops!

Nana, Pops and Mac played with Sandy and with a baton. Mac and a baton are dangerous. He hit himself in the head several times and even got his Nana once.

Me and Mac, again!!

Nana and Pops!

We had a great weekend. It was too short, we left around 9:30 Sunday morning so we wouldn't get back too late. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when we get to stay longer!!

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