Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

I am linking up with Marvelous Mommy & My Little Apricot for my Weekly Weigh-In.

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week (Oct 21): 184 lbs
This Week: 180 lbs

Goal Weight by Dec: 178 lbs
Goal Weight Overall: 165 lbs

Ok, so I have been MIA. I got tired of constantly worrying about Thursday weigh in's since I kept gaining and losing the same 2 to 4 pounds so I took the week of October 25th off. I did not run at all that week and it was a good week to rest since it was filled with after work errands and fun appointments and that Friday we went home to Mt. Pleasant for Halloween and my little cousin's party. That next week, Nov. 1st, I planned on getting back on track and uping my mileage to 5 miles. I ran that Monday, mentally ready to tackle an extra mile only to get almost to the end of my run and realized that according to my time there was no way that loop had been 5 miles. Completely disappointed and deflated I went home and checked and I had infact misremembered and had only run 4 miles (which I already knew). Now I don't know how many of you run but it's 90% mental and this was a big blow to me. I didn't run the rest of the week. Last week, Nov. 8th, I started again on Monday with a 5 mile run (a real 5 miler this time) and it was great! I ran 3 miles on Wednesday with my friend Jocelyn and Friday I did 4. This week has been a good week as well, I did 5 miles Monday and 4.5 yesterday.

All that to say I am really happy that I lost 4 pounds. It has been nice to not have that Thursday weigh in pressure hanging over me for the last couple of weeks. I do like the accountability that our weigh in provides and I am happy to be back!!

Next week we will be in Mt. Pleasant for Thanksgiving so I am not sure if I will be able to check in but I am hoping to at least go walking with my Mom while I am there!

Oh and ps... As of this week, I have lost 26 pounds since starting this weigh in and that means that I have completed #82 and #9 on my 101 List. To explain, I had already lost around 20 pounds before I started this weigh-in so I decided that I would just wait until I met the 25 pound goal and then say I had completed both goals even though I have technically lost more than 40 before today because I couldn't remember exactly how much I had already lost when I started weighing in with ya'll... but yay! I get to cross to things off my list.


  1. woohoo, congratulations on the 4lbs loss! Everyone needs a little break once in a while. I'm having the hardest time getting back on track after being sick for 3 weeks, so I'm very impressed by your getting back to it so quickly!

  2. Great job on the loss! Glad to have you back too!

  3. congrats on goal hitting! and the 4 pounds. Sometimes a little mental break is just what you need

  4. You're so close to your December goal weight!!! Glad to have you back with us!!

  5. Woohoo! Congratulations. I need to get back on the wagon. I have been so stressed and doing so many photo shoots etc. I have been so busy. Congrats again!

  6. You rock, and you look awesome. Thanks for inspiring me to keep at it!