Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clanin Christmas Tree 2010

I have not posted anything about our Christmas decorations and mainly because I really didn't get to decorate this year like I usually do. I decorated our tree, and I love it, but that is about it. Why? Well Mac's birthday party was December 5th and I didn't want the house looking like a Christmas catalog since the theme was Winter ONEderland and because I want to always make sure that his birthday is not lost in the Christmas season. My parents made every effort to keep my brothers's and my birthday separate from Christmas.

So this year I just did the tree and decorated it in keeping with his birthday party theme. Next year I will full on decorate after his party but this year, well it's too late and I am ok with just the tree! Less to pack up!! hehe.. ok and I'm a little lazy.

Here are some pictures of the tree...

Up close...

About to get in trouble...He has done so well with staying away from the tree and not touching it until today!

Enjoying the view...



  1. So pretty! Did you color coordinate your shirt too, or was that an accident? ;)

  2. Looks great. I love it. :D