Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter ONEderland 1st Birthday Party!

We had Mac's birthday party this past Sunday, yes early but that's when we could do it, and it was awesome! We had so much fun, tons of guests, lot's of sweets and great gifts (even though the invite said "No Gifts, Please" hahaha)

I have been planning this party forever. Researching the theme, the decorations, the invitation, the food, the cake... since about June. It paid off if I do say so myself! I always have these "great" ideas but they never seem to turn out but this did. We had a Winter ONEderland in our house and it was perfect, exactly as I had imagined it would be!

Here are some of the pictures that I have so far...
The Birthday Boy...

I made crepe paper ruffles and snowflake garland to hang in the entry hall... think Elf's north pole at Gimbles. I made the birthday banner, the "Winter Onederland" banner for the front door, the wreath for the front door and his "I am 1" banner for this high chair. I had so much fun being crafty and getting ideas from fellow bloggers!

See the crepe paper ruffles and snowflake garland above Erica and Joe's heads.

The table and cake.

I also served cheerios, applesauce and puffs for the kiddos and I had chili for the adults. There was a hot chocolate bar too!

I had the guests sign in and also leave a note for Mac to read on his 18th birthday. There was a picture collage of Mac for the guests to "Guess What Month" it was when the picture was taken.

Busted trying to get into his presents...

Smash cake time! He really never "smashed" it at all. He was just picking at it. I think Jimmy and I did the most damage to it trying to show him it was ok to make a mess (just this once) ha!

He made the most mess of his hair from running his frosting coated hands through it!

We had a great time! I had so much fun decorating, planning, cooking! I had lots of help from my awesome friends Monica, Melinda and Amanda! I could not have pulled it off without them! We are having a family birthday party in Mt. Pleasant on the 19th so I get to do this again, I can't wait. I am taking a lot of the decorations home with us so that I can turn my parents house into a Winter ONEderland!!

I can't wait to start planning his second birthday.. oh who am I kidding I have already started... it's a fishie theme!!!!


  1. Oh how fun!! Can you help me plan Dustyns 3rd and Carsyns 1st birthday parties? You are so talented. Great job!!