Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Game

This past weekend Mac decided to take a much simpler approach to entertaining himself. No need for the tons and tons of toys that require attention, pushing buttons, chasing down balls. This new game only requires one dish towel... and a hard head.

It's very simple and there is only one rule, eyes must be covered. Place the dish towel over your head and walk at full speed until you run into something??!!

Then when you're done just throw the towel around your neck and get any sweat beads that you have worked up...

It's actually pretty impressive to watch him do this, well until he smacks into a wall or furniture or runs over toys, because he knows the layout of the house and walks around for a while before he loses? haha Then he just puts his dish towel back on his head and he's off for another round.

Oh well, at least he's creative?



  1. He's definitely creative! I think that is too cute!

  2. Ha ha! Too funny!

  3. That's hilarious! I love the stuff these kids come up with!