Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing Blog Catch Up

My last post was over a week ago, things have been crazy... what can I say. I will be posting (fingers crossed) several catch up posts over the next few days.

Last week Mac was sick, it's hard to blog with a sick kid pulling on your pj pant leg wanting to be held and who am I to deny him snuggle time so the blog was cast to the side. And I'm ok with that. Anyway, turns out that Mac had an ear infection. Last Tuesday daycare called and said he had a fever of 100.3 but he had just gone to sleep and I asked if it was ok to come pick him up when he woke up? I figured if he didn't feel good then why bother him, they said it was ok and they would take his temp and call me when he woke up. The rule for the daycare is after the child has a fever you have 2 hours to come and pick them up.
He slept for a while and I finally called to check on him and they said he was still asleep but he woke up soon after that and I got the call. At that time his temp was 101.4, I just figured he was teething and not feeling well since he is cutting 3 molars at the same time. However, by the time I got to daycare, 15 minutes later, his temp was 102.4. I gave him some Tylenol and we were headed home. I called his nurse and she wanted him to come in so then we were headed back to town.

The doctor said it could be a virus or beginning ear infection since his ears were a little red but he wasn't comfortable prescribing antibiotics when there was no infection present and if it was a virus then it just had to run its course. He said no daycare on Wednesday just incase it was a virus and to check back by Friday if the fever kept spiking over the next couple of days. That evening we had another high temp of 101.7. I gave him some ibuprophen and that helped. But later Wednesday night Mac woke up around 2:30am screaming, I was already in his nursery sleeping in the recliner because he wouldn't sleep without me in the room, and when I picked him up he was hot. He had a temp of 104.7! I gave him some ibuprophen and called our doctor's after hours line. We almost had to go to the ER but finally got to talk to our on call doctor and she said to wait and go to the office the next morning. By this time it was 3:30am and she said the ER wait would be 5 to 6 hours and if he didn't have the flu he would by the time we left the hospital.

We saw our doctor the next morning and Mac has a right ear infection. He is now on Amoxicillin and until this morning regular doses of ibuprophen. He is feeling better and I am glad he is acting more like himself now. And that he is sleeping through the night again. He felt so bad that he would not go to bed and he barely slept. He slept with me and Jimmy 95% of the time from Tuesday to Friday night.

This was Wednesday morning. He was balled up into the tightest little ball, poor baby. I was checking on him every 5 minutes so that he didn't wake up and fall off the bed!

This was his bed head after he woke up... he had such a rough night with fever and being sweaty that his hair was everywhere!!


  1. Oh no, poor Mac! So glad that he's feeling better!

  2. Poor Mac! I'm glad he's all better now!
    And what's the status with his hair -- are you aiming for long and luxurious? Or just procrastinating over the first haircut? I just couldn't wait with Eli... His hair is too straight and kept bothering him by getting in his eyes.

  3. Oh, poor Mac! Ear infections are the worst. When Mac is better, he can ask his buddy, Jack all about them! Hang in there, mama!

  4. Poor Mac! I hope he is feeling better!

  5. Poor Mac! That hair is priceless though. I am glad you are able to keep your sense of humor through it all!

  6. Awwww, poor Mac! I hope he's feeling better!!