Monday, February 14, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Yes I am still catching up. I am even more behind now because Mac was sick again with a stomach bug last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Three of his classmates were also taken down by this thing... not fun. All the kids are feeling better and back in school this morning exchanging Valentines and enjoying getting back to their normal routine.

Snow day. February 4th (also my cousin's birthday and because of the snow she didn't have to go to work) we were frozen into our homes. I got a call around 6:45am letting my know my office was closed and Jimmy even got to be at home because the roads were too icy. We had breakfast and made it a pj day. I did venture out around 2pm when everything had melted away so I could get out of the house but for the most part we were at home being lazy.

I wanted Mac to see the snow and this gave us the perfect, and probably only, opportunity for him to use his big huge ski coat! I bundled him up and we went outside to check things out.

Mac was not too sure of the snow. I put some on his hand and he immediately started trying to shake it off!

Last year's snow day, Feb 23rd...
Soooo Tiny!!!

Hope ya'll had fun in the snow! I am just glad it was only here for half a day!!

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  1. Hope he is feeling all better now. Great snow photos.