Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diaper Shortage

So the other night I got home from running, was in the end stages of getting supper on the table and Jimmy comes into the kitchen "Do we have more diapers somewhere?". To which I respond "There should be some in the diaper bag".

Um no. No diapers in the house and a diaperless baby running around, seriously where are the reality TV cameras?? I grab my keys, leave supper to get cold and am out the door headed to CVS while telling Jimmy to "... just wrap a towel around him and I will be back as quickly as I can.

I managed to get back to the house with diapers before there were any accidents in the towel which I count as a win to this situation! haha I guess it also helped that it was around 7:30 when this happened so Mac was pretty tired and just went to sleep while waiting for his diaper instead of actually running around diaperless marking his "territory".


  1. That's hilarious! Yay for no accidents. That was super smart of you to run out the door for more diapers, rather than stay home with the towel swaddled boy. ha! :o)

  2. awwww. I hear ya! I feel like we're always running out of diapers.... or that Madison is taking hers off. The other day Jesse caught her going number 2 in the middle of her bedroom floor. :\

  3. Nice! Eli would have a field day if we let him run around with no diaper. I can just see him and Scott out in Shiner, learning to per on trees!