Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Green

Remember that diaper box from the diaper shortage?

Well the diapers are gone(imagine that) but my son, the environmentalist that he is, thought better of throwing the perfectly good box away. Instead of wasting a fine tree let's re-invent, let's be smart, eco-friendly...

So he created his very own personal reflection space. In the small area right in front of the dishwasher he placed his new "chair", hopped in and reflected away while chow'n down on some Kix.

As you can see if he turns around he can literally reflect, off the dishwasher door. It's totally up to him and how he is feeling at the moment.

He doesn't not like to be disturbed during reflection time, I found this out by trying to pick him up out of his chair... did not go so well. I left him alone, backed out of the kitchen and returned to my reflection spot on the couch.


  1. he he! He is so smart and adorable!

  2. Haha! Such a thoughtful, Zen little guy... and a raving Austin hippie to boot with his love of the environment! Way to go green, Mac!

  3. Boxes are GREAT! Its a little annoying when I buy Tristan a great new toy and he plays with the box more. LOL Mac is so cute!

  4. I am the same way. Except, I don't sit in a box and I drink wine instead of eating Kix. But, you know, it's the same.