Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011: Grill'n and Chill'n

Saturday after the big egg hunt and the big nap that followed we loaded up and headed over to my brother's house for some hamburgers and volleyball. We did a little egg hunt for Neeley and Mac and we had two more kids there to participate. They had a ton of fun running around picking up the eggs. The little girl opened all her eggs, put the candy in the basket and disgarded the plastic eggs. It was too funny!

Then it was time to eat. The food and company were great! It was my Mom's side of the family, my Dad's Mom, Mama, and my brothers girl friend Kelsy and the Hefners. We were treating this get together as our Easter visit and meal since we were going to have to rush off on Sunday after church.

Mac really likes cheeto puffs, apparently.

And who doesn't love Mama's Easter cupcakes, only made once a year. I made it back to Austin with a dozen and had some super happy breakfast moments the week after Easter. You know my motto "If it's cake and you have coffee... you have coffee cake and that makes it breakfast" (TradeMark that I'm put'n it on a shirt.. ha!) Anyway, Mac is now in the Mama Easter Cupcake Fan Club.

"Ok, let's see what all the hype is about..."


"Dang these are good!"

"Gonna need another one right here, 'nother cupcake. Thanks"

After we ate and were ridiculously full the obvious thing to do was to play volleyball. Jimmy and I, Randall and Kelsy, Jacob and Tamara, Lydia and Jacob's son played 3 games. We finished the last game in the dark! So much fun :)

Earlier while we were there the Easter Bunny was spotted in Randall's yard. Getting ready for his big night of leaving baskets for all this kiddos...

The next morning Mac got to dig into his Easter basket! He basically just threw everything out of it but he was having fun so who are we to stop it... until he started throwing the toy car filled egg at Sandi the dog. (It was still funny though)

After church we were in a hurry. We wanted to get on the road back to Austin since we knew traffic would be terrible. Even on non-holiday weekends when we visit we head back before church to miss traffic. My Aunt Sheryl had fixed Easter dinner so we ran by there on our way out and ate. It made us so late getting back but the food was so good it was worth it.

Especially her Strawberry Cake... I now have the recipe.

Even when you are in a rush there's always time for pictures! :)

I don't remember why but Mac got in trouble at dinner...

And just because I have it... here is a picture of my cousin Christopher. I thought there was one of us together but my Mom must have it.

We got on the road back to Austin around 2:30 that afternoon and I don't remember when we got back to the house. I have blocked it out. Traffic was awful, so much so that by the time we got to Temple, Texas which is only an hour away from Austin we gave up and decided to have supper at Texas Roadhouse. We thought that would let the traffic clear a little and it would get Mac out of the car, a place he had decided he did not want to be long before we pulled off the interstate.

He was fast asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway and I don't think he ever woke up while I changed his diaper and put his pjs on. This kid was exhausted from a long drive and a fantastic weekend.

The next morning I made him pose for a picture with his new Easter buddies. And yes, that is a Valentine bear. My Aunt was running a little late in getting it to him but as I always say you should love the one's you love all year, not just on Valentine's Day. :)

(Blue Bunny not pictured, I guess he had a conflict.)

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  1. Awwww. Sounds like so much fun. Cute photos. love the cupcake ones. ha ha.