Thursday, June 2, 2011

April 19, 2011 Big Day For Mommy and Mac

So, as you know, I am behind in blogging because of the ol'job so this will not be news to most of you who see Mac everyday or have seen recent pictures of him, basically it's old news but the pictures of this day have only been seen by Me and Jimmy!

Mac's First Haircut! April 19, 2011. I had put this day off for waaayyy longer than I should have. I think people were presetting their speed dials with the number for CPS just incase I took even a week longer to get this child a haircut. His poor bangs were almost even with the bottom of his nose! He had resorted to puffing his hair out of his eyes. His teachers and friend's Moms were flat out telling me to get it cut. My brother, mother, cousin and aunt all had comments but I. Just. Could. Not!

This is my littly bitty baby. Little bitty babies do not need haircuts because they are little bitty!! If a little bitty baby needs a haircut that means they are not little bitty anymore!! (ok how bad is it that I can feel myself starting to tear up right now??)

The Sunday before this fateful day Jimmy and I were sitting at the table and Mac walked over and tilted his head back as far as he could so he could look under his hair at us. Jimmy just looked at me and I said "I know. Ok. It's time. I will get his haircut as soon as I can".

Originally my best friend Melinda was supposed to cut his hair but since I was in the middle of session and could not take off for her to cut it and because I had gotten the look from Jimmy I did some quick online research, asked a couple daycare moms and went with Birds on South Congress. They don't take appointments which worked perfectly for my session situation.

Tuesday, the 19th, ended up being an early workday so I picked Mac up and off to Birds we went. On the way there I asked "Do you want a haircut?" To which he replied...

I said "What? You don't want to get your haircut?" He said "Ohhh, sorry I misunderstood. YES, PLEASE!"

Now Birds is a hip place. They have a disco ball and 3D artwork on the walls. They also have oldschool video games that you can play for free while you wait. I grabbed Mac some 3D glasses and we pulled up a vintage yellow chair and waited for our turn.

Mac loved checking out the retro video game and messing around with his 3D glasses. See how long those bangs are...

I never did put the glasses on to see the walls...

but this kid is cute in any color.

We didn't have to wait long, maybe 10 minutes, and Cat was ready for us. She put the smock on him and then it was time.

Time to snip snip snip.

Mac did SO good too! I was worried he would cry but he didn't. Ok, he did cry when I walked out of his line of sight to retrieve the diaper bag but that was my fault but I mean, I needed to get the diaper bag with my wallet and phone...

And then the next thing you know, your child can see. Free of hair puffing and neck tilting.

Cat brought us an envelope so I could save a piece of his hair. I wish I had put a rubber band around a lock and had her cut it... I might cheat and do this the second time around (which will be soon).

On the way to pay Mac knocked over a shelf full of product. At least he tried to help Cat put it back. I use the term "help" loosely here.

While I was paying we was slamming the door on this game repeatedly so I sat him in one of the chairs...

Where he promptly jumped down...

And spilled a cup of water that was on the table full of magazines. By that time she just needed my signature. I apologized and we quickly left. I don't think Cat was too thrilled about having to clean up water soaked magazines and floor but it was probably best to just get out while we were still welcome back. HA!


  1. Awwwww, his hair cut looks so cute! We still haven't taken M for her first. :X

  2. I love his hair cut. So adorable!