Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This year for Father's Day we went to Max's Wine Dive. They serve gourmet comfort food and they serve it well.

(The pictures are from my phone camera because, of course, I forgot the point and shoot.)

Jimmy and Mac were deciding what to have. It's a tough choice but you can't go wrong I promise.

Mac was swirling his water... It was too funny!

I had the 1942 State Fair Dawg...YUM! I swore that I would get something other than the Fried Egg Sandwich this time around.

Jimmy went with the Shrimp and Grits. Oh man it was soooo goood! (Obviously since I couldn't get a picture before we dove into it!)

For dessert we had the Half and Half... I think the picture speaks for itself.

Mac loved it!

Here are the before church pictures. Mac was a little more cooperative in the picture taking for Father's Day than he was for Mother's Day. I am trying to not let my feelings be hurt... haha.

Happy Father's Day to a Super Dad!


  1. Omigosh, Jimmy looks so different when he's (semi) clean-shaven! I seriously did a double take with the first picture!

  2. Ha ha - I love Mac swirling his water. Such a classy guy!

  3. Shut the front door. That is my newest fave restaurant! So glad you guys went and had a delish meal! Happy Father's Day to Jimmy!

  4. YUMMY!!! That looks so good. What a fun time!