Friday, June 10, 2011

Viking Fishing Trip

I almost forgot that I had not posted about the fishing trip! Thank goodness I went back to double check or ya'll would have never known just how much fun we had back in April!

Every year Jimmy's boss provides a get away weekend for his employees and their families. Last year Jimmy went alone. I just didn't know how I was supposed to go with a 3 month old, so I didn't. This year we made the trip as a family. We brought the Pack-N-Play and were prepared to use it.

We went to Paradise Point Resort and Fishing Lodge for the weekend. It's more fishing lodge than resort but it did the trick. It is on Lake Buchanan out in Tow, Texas with lots of cabins that were rented out to Viking Fence for the weekend. It was nice to get to hangout with some of the people that I hear Jimmy mention and it was nice that the whole camp was full of just co-workers and their families.

We got there late Friday night so Mac and I just went to bed but Jimmy met up with his buddies on the lake for some late night fishing.

The next morning we walked down to the cafe for breakfast. Jimmy and I are suckers for cafe breakfasts and this place was awesome. We ate there again at lunch and for breakfast Sunday morning before we headed home. The food was so good, just like you know it would be from a place like that, and the "locals" that were in there were so much fun to talk to and were thoroughly entertained by Mr. Mac.

After breakfast we walked down the to the water to look around, I wanted to take some pictures and Jimmy wanted talk to the guys there were already fishing again.

After our brief photo session, ha, we walked back up to the cabin to put our porch to good use. We pulled the play pin out and put Mac in it.

Jimmy opened a vacation beer (vacation because it was probably around 10am (don't judge) and I opened my book (and then got jealous of his vacation beer and got one of my own).

We sat. And sat. And. Did. Nothing! It was fantastic! Mac was totally chill in his play pin. He was walking around it looking at different things and then the next thing we knew...

That is how most of the afternoon was spent. On the awesome porch. I read a lot and Jimmy did walk down to check on the fishermen at one point but that's about it. Bliss. Later in the afternoon we did drive down to the nearby winery, Fall Creek. We had both had their wine before and were not terribly impressed but we thought we would check it out anyway to see if they had anything new.

They didn't but we did do a wine tasting and bought a riesling to share at supper. By the time we got back people were beginning to stir around DJ's cabin, he was the one appointed to cook the steaks for supper! It was fun sitting in the lawn chair circle talking and hanging out. And, of course, lawn chairs circles don't exclude anyone...

The steaks were delish and the company great. There were picnic tables on every porch so everyone split off to different porches to eat. Our table became a quick hit with the kids, they LOVED Mac! And he was so funny with them. The other kids were standing around his play pin and he was going to each one giving them hugs, over and over in a circle hahaa. It was too cute and he was having a blast with all the attention!

But even the popular babies have to go to bed sometime. We went to the cabin to get him ready for bed. After his bath he got away from me and, um, "marked his territory". Luckily on his Dad's bag and not the floor haha.

I put him to bed and then rejoined the group for a while. The next morning Jimmy had a tournement so we left pretty early. We got home and Jimmy had to leave but Mac and I finished up a lovely weekend with a brunch of leftover smore's...

Who love love loves s'mores?? This little guy and his mom...

We had a fantabulous weekend. I can't wait until we get to go again next year! (especially now that we know to bring milk with us for our child... geez, luckily there was a veterian mom of 3 in our group that was happy to share!)


  1. Wheres the fish pictures. Did Jimmy not catch any this time?

  2. How fun... it looks like that was an awesome weekend! *Sigh* I need a weekend get-away!

    And thanks for the tips -- obviously I can comment on blogs again! Woo hoo!

  3. Awww. How fun. Looks like a great trip!