Monday, July 25, 2011

Full Smile Weekend

I don't often get to say that a weekend felt long but this one did. It could have something to do with having to leave work around 2:30 on Friday to go pick Mac up from daycare, he was not feeling well and they called me to come get him. So we started our weekend a little early and he was fine by Friday evening. He just had an upset tummy.

Friday I made chicken avocado enchiladas and black beans for supper. I was really excited because that was the first meal all week that had been on the table during normal supper hours! We ate at 6pm!! I am in boot camp and have been going Monday - Thursday and it puts me home late, at 6:30, which in turn makes supper really late, around 7:45. I do not like eating that late at all!!

Saturday I ran errands. Again. Like the Saturday before. I can not make this a habit! By the time I got home I had about 2 hours of nothing time before I had to go to the church to help with a concert. I took tickets at the door. The Barlow Girls performed for our Christmas in July benefit. We are trying to collect Operation Christmas Child items for the OCC shoeboxes. If you don't know about this please ask me! or Click here to read about OCC.

Mac was hilarious on Saturday. He got one of his sheets off the couch laundry pile, I was slowly folding them... don't judge, ha! And proceeded to put it on his head like so...

He almost ran into this wall but didn't...

However, he did run into the trash can, no problem...

Just take a step to the side and keep on truck'n...

He rounded the corner and laid down.

got up...

removed the sheet...

and did it again! He is too funny! hahaa!

Sunday we went to church and then to target. Mac is missing a water shoe. We have come to the conclusion that he threw it away. I looked all over the house for it on Saturday because Jimmy was going let Mac run around in the water in the backyard. No luck. No shoe. He just wore his tennis shoes and luckily it's so hot they dried instantly!! But we replaced the shoes and went home. Jimmy took Mac outside again and let him run around.

Waiting on Dad... yes my son is holding a whisk. Your guess is as good as mine.

Jimmy was spraying him down with the water hose sprayer!

Jimmy needed to check the mail so he filled up Mac's wagon with water for the trip! Cracked me up! haha

They played outside while I cooked. I was in the kitchen all day but I was trying to get some meals done ahead of time for this week so we don't have to eat so late! I made lasagna and chicken spaghetti. I divided them up and froze one of each for next week. At least two nights this week we will eat at a decent time!

After they were done outside I put in Goonies followed by Gremlins. Mac loved them both!

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