Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Joys Of Motherhood

Leaving the house this morning was fine. No major meltdowns were had and Mac didn't have any either. We got on the road to school and work on time, quite the accomplishment. About 10 minutes into our drive I thought I forgot my sports bra for boot camp but then remembered that I had in fact remembered it. whew. Then at 25 minutes in I knew what I had forgotten, truely forgotten. Mac's sippy cup. He had it in his hand, full of milk and somewhere between the kitchen and the front door it was left behind. BUT, even worse, I had also forgotten the sippy cup of milk that was in the fridge that he needed for school.

It was now 7:40am, just enough time to get Mac to school and me to work by 8am but not enough time for me to exit my normal daily route and make a side trip to

But he needed a sippy cup so I put my blinker on and we were at WalMart. Yay us (insert sarcasm here). I found his favorite sippy cup, the only sippy cup he will drink out of...Nuk

And since we were there... I got him a different sippy cup, not that he will use it but I like it. It's this style:
but the background is white and it has baseball stitches. Sippy cup awesomeness. I don't know why Nuk is being so secretive with this particular sippy cup. I could not copy the picture of it off their website and there is not one picture of it on the entire internet. I know. I just spent 15 minutes looking for one just for this post!

We also got a round plate and a divided plate and some silerware.

Mac feeds himself at school for breakfast and lunch but I just can't do it at home. The whole "baby covered in layers of food" thing seriously, and I mean seriously, freaks me out. I don't mind cleaning up after him at all. I do it all the time. I mean I change the kids diapers it's not like I get grossed out it's just that a food covered kid is a preventable mess. this is a preventable mess. Toddlers miss their mouths or just get tired of eating and start throwing and I would be standing by letting this happen??!! I'm getting the chills just thinking about it.

I know it sounds weird but I am a very very neat eater. Messy eaters are beyond me so handing Mac the reigns to his own messy eating experiences on purpose is hard for me to handle. But I took the first step and bought him plates and utensils. We already had some but I figure I will need some back ups for when one set is inevitably in the dishwasher or just plain dirty in the sink! wow... I digress.

Anyway, 15 minutes and $20 later we leave WalMart and are back on the road to school and work. I was 25 minutes late. No worries there it just comes out of my comp time...oh well. Mac got to have a sippy cup at school and since they come in a pack of two the second one will live in the car for other mornings such as todays!


  1. I've had days like that. Good luck with the utensils! I'm so glad M can do it herself now. :)

  2. Great idea leaving a cup in the car all the time. We went away to visit friends on Sunday and I was so busy packing food and drinks for Asher that I completely forgot to pack any toys! Did I mention these friends have a newborn, but no other kids so they have ZERO toys. We made do, but from now on I'm keeping a bag of toys in the car all the time!