Friday, September 2, 2011


Wow! I have really been slacking with this whole "blog thing". I don't know what my problem is but I definitely have one! I was behind but now I am just bringing up the rear!

So the last post was about Nana Camp 2011. This post is about Date Night while Mac was at NC2011. :)

Yes! We had a date night!! It. Was. Awsome! We had so much fun just hanging out, not having to rush home or deal with a less than enthusiatic toddler. Yay us! The Tuesday after Mac went to MtP Jimmy and I decided to go have dinner at Bid Daddy's Burgers & Bar.

Let me tell you how awesome this place is! It's awesome! ha! (or I was just really ready to have dinner alone with my it was awesome) The food was fantastic. We split a burger, Jimmy had been there once before and said the burgers were humongous and since he had just gotten out of the hospital (see I told you I was behind on blogging) he didn't have much of an appetite. He let me pick so of course we had the Green Chili Queso for starters. Oh. MY. GOSH. Please go there and order the queso. You will thank me later... so you're welcome.

While we ate our queso we played trivia. Yep it was trivia night at Big Daddy's. Let's just say we didn't win but we didn't have a blank page? Yeah we're not to up on the "trivia". Too bad there wasn't a diaper/formula/toddler tantrum catagory. We would have rocked that one!!

So while attempting trivia I was reviewing the many burger choices and it was hard to choose. But then the clouds parted and the light shown down on a burger and the menu was closed, selection made, where's the waitress... I want the Bad Boy Grilled-Cheese Burger. The name of the burger is linked to the menu page on their site to prove what I am about to describe is real... plus I took pictures.

Half pound Texas beef patty, a fried egg, and grilled onions between two grilled cheese sandwiches - one with bacon and one with house cured pickled jalapenos. Served with fresh cut fries and bloody mary ketchup.

And without further ado...

and a little closer...

Glorious isn't it.

I ate all of mine. Jimmy at a quarter of his half. I ate most of the rest of his. I had just come from boot camp, don't judge me. Ok judge me I don't care I'll do it again when I get the chance!

Later that week, on Friday, I met my awesometastical friend Michelle (who currently lives in DC boo) at Ginny's Little Longhorn for some honky tonkin! Too. Much. Fun. Lizzie also met up with us and we had a great time and heard some really good music. If you are in Austin and get a chance to see Weston Henson, do it.

Mac came home that Saturday so on Sunday Michelle came out to the house to visit with Mac and Jimmy. I love having Michelle around!

It was a great week. We love Mac but I have to say we really enjoyed having our house back! haha!

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  1. Aww. So glad you all had a date night. How awesome is that burger? Yummy!!