Friday, September 23, 2011

A Visit From Grandma

Jimmy's mom came down a few weeks ago to visit for a couple of days. We had a nice, low key weekend and we all enjoyed our time together.

Judy got to keep Mac for the day on Friday. They had fun running around the house and watching cartoons.

That night Judy took us out to eat! We went to our favorite Manor mexican food restaraunt, Ramo's. Mac drove...

Not really, obviously, but this kid LOVES steering wheels!!! And I mean L.O.V.E. loves them. He would sit and "drive" for hours if I would let him.

Saturday we hung around the house. There was a Karate Kid marathon on so we watched 1 and 2. We called it quits at 3 and 4 as anyone who respects the 80's should.

And then it was time for pictures with Grandma.
"I don't want to take pictures. I wanna do karate"



"Ok fine. Pictures. But I'm still not gonna be still. Cheeeese"

Later Saturday night Jimmy and I took advantage of having a Grandma in the house and we went to see our friends band The Duqaines at Ginny's Little Longhorn. My bestest friend Melinda and her sister met us up there too!! It was a great time and if you are in the Austin area and ever have a chance to check them out... DO IT!

And we did a little two step'n!

Sunday we all went to bible study and church. Went home and lounged around. Judy and Jimmy took a quick road trip down to Kyle, Texas but other than that it was a lazy Sunday.

Judy left Monday morning headed back to Arkansas. It was a great visit. We all had fun and can't wait until next time!

(Weekend of August 18-21)

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Great photos.