Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mt. Pleasant in August

A few weeks (ahem a month and a half) ago Mac and I went to visit the family in MtP. We left early Friday morning so that we would get there with plenty of time to lounge and relax at the house before Mom got home...

Nothing says "Relaxation" like a pink fuzzy blanket and your favorite purple hoe.

After we rested up from our travels we headed outside to log some miles on Lightening McQueen. This is our third LMQ, the first two were returned with defects. Good ol'Walmart and their return policy however Mom and I may be on some "Excessive Returns Watch List" but I don't care Mac now has a perfect car!

Quick! Road test! What do you do when you are driving and run out of pavement?
A) Stop and turn around
B) Cry
C) Pick up your car and go 4X4 on foot.

He drove by and I snagged him for a quick Mommy and Me picture :)

Nana's home! Hugs all around!

We ate supper and watched some tv. Some watched it closer than others.

I moved him back a bit...

Mama came down to see "toodle britches" and visit for a little bit.

And then it was nite nite time...

The next day we ate a big Saturday breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits. YUM! Mac, Mom and I went to town to visit Mamaw around lunch time and Sheryl and Christopher joined us. We had Randy Burgers of course :) And it wouldn't be Mamaw's unless you finished lunch with ice cream and chocolate syrup!

Mac and Mamaw, Sheryl, Christopher

Mac. How do you really feel about taking pictures?

Once we got home from our visit and a few errands in town Uncle Randall joined us for the afternoon! The boys went out to the shop to do man things and discuss man stuff.

After shop time he had to play on the old run down lawn mower. He LOVES to play with steering wheels!

Anything with a steering wheel...

And then it was game time! Hook'em

Well and piggy back time, too.

And there's always time for a little Angry Birds with Uncle Randall.

As usual going home was lots of fun!


  1. Fun stuff! Don't you love going home for a weekend?!

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip. How fun!

  3. What a great visit! I love the pictures.