Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Parade at Daycare

Mac's daycare has a Halloween Parade every year. This year Mac is in the toddler building and got to participate! It was so cute!! They line the kids up in their costumes and "parade" them to the infant building to trick or treat in their old rooms!

When I got to school Mac was still asleep but Evelyn was trying to wake him up so he wouldn't miss any of the activities!

After waking up he was getting in the mood with all his buddies in costume!

Off to trick or treat!

After the trick or treat parade we paused outside for a group picture.

Then the kids had a huge party in the room! They ate like Halloween Kings and Queens! Cheese and crackers, apples with fangs, cupcakes, fresh fruit and juice boxes to wash it all down!


  1. Aww. So cute. Looks like fun.

  2. Mac is getting so tall. Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoyed seeing all of Emma's former classmates in their costumes. Emma too was a ballerina and wore the skirt you made her. I posted pictures of her trick or treating in her costume on my blog if you want to see your creation in action.

  3. Good job with the pictures! The daycare party was too fun.

  4. Oh, I love this post! It almost makes me feel like I was there!

  5. You are lagging behind, ma'am! Halloween was two months ago... I want to see Mac Christmas pictures (or maybe even some birthday pictures!).