Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

We left the Sunday before Christmas to head to Mt.Pleasant for Christmas vacation! We arrived around lunch and Mom had made a birthday lunch for Randall, Mac, and me. It was so good, lasagna! And we had cake too! Yay for birthdays and for 3 in a row! haha

After lunch Randall and I exchanged birthday presents. Jimmy left after that to go to Kentucky with Glenn to the horse farms. He would get back Wednesday. The rest of us sat around and Mac played outside a little with Pops.

Dad was already off for Christmas but Mom still had to go to school Monday and Tuesday. Monday morning Mac did some drawing...

and some early morning candy sneaking...

The rest of the day was spent lounging! As was much of the next two days!

making a phone call... yes he likes to climb, geez.

Wednesday Jimmy got back from Kentucky and we headed to Arkansas to visit his family. We had Christmas dinner with them the next day and it was great! Such good food. We mostly hung around the house, other than about 4 separate trips to Walmart for various different reasons! One reason was for Mac. He ended up with a nice cough once we got to Mt.P but it steadily got worse and he wouldn't take his cough syrup so we went to Walmart for cough medicine strips that disolve in his mouth! They worked much better than wrestling him to the ground and just to have cough medicine spit back at me.

We exchanged presents with his family Thursday night and watched a movie. Friday we stayed until Jimmy got his Mom's new kitchen faucet installed and headed back to Mt.P.

Mac opening his birthday gifts from his Grandma.

Jimmy and his niece, Micah.

A little hotel bed jumping...come on it's vacation, right!

The Clanin Cousins

We got back to Mt.P Friday early afternoon and just sat! It was nice to sit and not have to go anywhere! All our traveling, save the drive back to Austin, was done!! Jimmy was especially happy about this! We did go to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Randall, Kelsy, and some of their friends that night. Good times!

Saturday, Christmas Eve.

Mom and I did a little cooking on Saturday to get it out of the way and not have to mess with that on Sunday. Other than that I don't think we did much!

Mac went outside, ie escaped from the house since he can let himself out, barefoot! If you get your feet wet at our house this is how they will be wiped off...

Randall also brough Maggie to the house, Kelsy's new dog. Mac loved playing with her! And loved getting into her kennel!

Dad and Mac had to keep an eye on Maggie because she is not house broken and kept leaving her own kind of presents behind the tree!

Our Christmas tree...complete with a dog sweater. ugh!

I let Mac open on present on Christmas Eve. This is not a traditional thing that the Prewitt Family does but I wanted to read him a book "The True Night Before Christmas". He wanted no part of the reading of the book, he just wanted to open more presents. :( Oh well. I will read it to him next Christmas Eve.

And what would Christmas Eve be without a horseback ride from your uncle...

(the dismount was NOT as awful as the picture makes it look, Uncle Randall was just playing and Mac landed cushioned onto Randall's arm, promise)

After Mac went to bed the adults started, hopefully, a new Prewitt Family Christmas Eve Tradition: Gingerbread House Building Competition!! I brought two gingerbread house kits home and we had a girls team and a guys team. Dad was the judge. The girls won!
Girls House:

Boys House:

See the blank sides of that ginger house... that's the boys house and the reason they didn't win! We decorated everyside of our house, they only did the front and the front yard!

The winning team!

It's Christmas (finally because this post is getting ridiculously LONG)!

We got up and opened our presents from Santa and family!

Then we ate our breakfast pizza and headed to church! After church we had Christmas lunch with Mamaw in town and exchanged gifts. We left around 5pm and headed to Mama's for Christmas dinner, not that we had room for food!

Christmas day was lots of fun. I will post more pictures from Christmas day in a separate post. We spent Monday after Christmas resting and we left early Tuesday morning to head back to Austin!

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