Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mac's 2nd Birthday Party!

Mac had his fishie themed birthday party on December 3rd. It was a great sucess minus the sweet tea tragedy as guests were arriving!! Basically the bottom part of the drink dispenser separated from the rest of the dispenser and sweet tea went everywhere, including into my shoes! We wiped it up as quickly as possible but it made for a sticky floor! At least it happened at the beginning and the rest of the party was perfect and I don't think people cared that there was no tea.. ha!

Once all the guests arrived we sat the kids around some kiddie tables to eat. The blue table was Mac's birthday present from Jimmy and me. The kids did great at the tables!

I served the kids fish shaped sandwiches, goldfish crackers, strawberries (which they devoured!), apple slices and apple juice. I was really happy with my kiddie menu and the kids seemed to enjoy it so yay me! haha

The adult food table consisted of spinach dip in a sourdough bread bowl with bread and veggies for dipping, jalapeno dip and chips, sandwich wraps, sausage balls and of course goldfish crackers.

After the kids were done eating and the adults were still snacking I had each guest take a moment in the "photo booth" area. It was a lot of fun!

After the photo booth pictures were taken I had the kids go fishing! They threw the line over the half wall of the dining room and caught themselves a little fish!

When the pond was all fished out we brought in the balloons! These kids went crazy! One package of balloons cost $1.99. Best $1.99 I've ever spent! Jimmy blew them up that morning and it was worth it. They loved chasing them all over the living room and running around to get more.

Once the balloon craze was over Mac opened his gifts. He got so many awesome toys! He is into Sponge Bob Square Pants aka Bob Bob and cars and trucks right now. His addiction was certainly fueled by all the gifts! :)

And of course you always follow up gifts with cake! or cupcakes in this instance! I ordered the cupcakes from HEB and they do not skimp on the food coloring! No way anybody was going to sneak a cupcake without everyone knowing...

It was a great time. I know I enjoyed myself and was exhausted after everyone left. I was sooo happy that my Mom came down to help me out with decorating and just to be at Mac's party! He loves his Nana so I am know he was excited about getting to see her for the weekend! I know I was!!

Here are some more pictures of the decorations and party goers...

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  1. So cute... I love all the pictures! Can you send me the photo booth image of me, Scott and Eli?