Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 was great! We had a really fun weekend at my parents house and enjoyed visiting with the family! And I guess we were having such a great time that we didn't bother to pick up a camera! We have NO pictures :( Just memories...

We loaded up the car and headed to MtP early Wednesday. I helped Mom get things ready for the next day since the family comes to our house for the big Thanksgiving Day meal! Thursday we set up everything and tried to watch some of the parade while doing so but it was a little hard and Mac wasn't that interested in the parade. People started arriving around noon and I think we ate close to 1pm.

The food was fantastic as usual. My family can cook a meal. We ate and ate and then I ate some more! I was miserable!! I even had to change into my pj pants before everyone left because I just couldn't stand to be in my blue jeans any longer! I think the last people left around or just after 5pm. It's always nice to just sit around the table and chat with your family. Especially for me since we live five hours away.

Later Thanksgiving night UT played their last (most likely) Thanksgiving Day game against A&M. I was so tired from all the eating plus the game didn't start until 7pm so I barely made it through the first quater, slept through the 2nd/halftime/most of the 3rd but then it got scary! We almost lost! We pulled out the win and a near heart attack! Whew...

Saturday was my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary and boy did we surprise the socks off of them! Randall and I had arranged a small family surprise party at El Chico for them. We told them that we, along with our significant others, wanted to take them out to eat as an anniversary gift. We walked them into a room full of family! I was surprised that my Dad didn't bolt but he was a trooper!

We also had a 70's style cake made in their wedding colors.

Oh yeah we made them cut the cake together...

We had a lot of fun and my Mother LOVED it. I think my Dad had a little fun but would never admit it!

Sunday morning we hit the road super early to try and beat traffic. We got back to Austin around noonish and had the rest of the day to sit and rest from our holiday trip!

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