Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potty Training

In January we had a three day weekend which had been marked as potty training weekend for several months. Thank you MLK/Confederate Heros for this free Monday.

I bought the Lara Jensen, 3 Day Potty Training (you'll want to write that down) ebook for $24, downloaded it, and read the entire 50 page book cover to cover. I was prepared. Jimmy was willing to help so he read the most important chapter of the book, and we were set. I was so happy he helped me Saturday and Sunday. This process works but, wow, it's exhausting!

Basically you shadow your kid 24/7. Constantly saying "Tell Mommy/Daddy if you need to potty" is tiring and annoying! haha But it works!

We got up Saturday morning. Mac was in a pull up intitially until he needed to be changed. Oh and his boots, obviously.

"Mac! It's potty training day! Are you excited!!??"

"huh, well it's still potty training day..."

Once he had to be changed it was undies and a tshirt. He helped me "throw away" all his diapers and pull ups that are for Babies and we were ready to potty! I say "throw away" because with a baby on the way I will NOT dump $50 worth of diapers and pull ups in the trash but we sat the box on top of the trash bin and he understood they were gone.

I took Mac to the kitchen and showed him his stickers and sticker chart...

and his treats for going potty...

and the big treats for big successful moments during the three days...

I also put down towels on the couches and chair just in case...haha

Here we go! With Captain America undies and three days of cartoons we were ready!

He did very well on Saturday. He only had 3 accidents all day long, a dry nap, and a dry night! He got lots of stickers for going potty and lots of treats too. We did not give him a treat every single successful potty trip, I think he would have thrown up!

Let me tell you this kid was excited for stickers! He had to have two each time he went potty, one for each hand! He loved it. He did NOT want the stickers on the chart, he kept peeling them off so the chart was abandoned half way through Day 1... his hands were loaded with stickers instead haha!

Day 2 went as successfully as Day 1. We had 3 accidents, a dry nap, and a dry night. Lots of stickers and lots of cartoons! He did such a fantastic job!

"Mom, I know I picked out Alice In Wonderland but I don't want to watch it anymore. I don't!"

"FINE, more cartoons...ugh"

Day 3 I was alone with Mac. I think he had one accident, if any, (that's why you should post these things immediately and not a month and a half later...) a dry nap, and a dry night! And tons of stickers!!

I was super scared about daycare the next day but Tuesday came and went and NO ACCIDENTS AT SCHOOL! Jimmy picked him up that day and told me and I can't tell you how proud I was of my little potty trained man! I told Jimmy I wish Mac was old enough to understand just how proud I was and how good he did! We went the entire rest of the week with no accidents.

Mac was potty trained in three days and it's awesome! No diapers, well for 3 more months anyway! He did have a little relapse a few weeks ago starting in MtP during my brother's wedding weekend. There was an incident at rehearsal... then the following week did not go so well but we have pulled through that and he is back on track. We have determined that when he is in a new place surrounded by lots of people and lots of things going on that he will not tell us he needs to potty but we know to just take him regardless if he tells us or not. But we consider him 100% potty trained! Such a big boy!!

(Jan 14-16, 2012)


  1. Congrats Mac! I've thought about getting that book lots of times. I guess it was worth it, then? I think we'll probably wait until after we move to start, but I'm so ready! After Riv's nap incident today, I can't wait!

  2. Yay for Mac! That is SOOOO great, and I'm very proud of him!