Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter 2012

This year for Easter we went to MtP so we could take Mac to Pearl's Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great weekend but somehow did not take very many pictures!

Friday night was a lot of fun. Mac was in the living room with Pops, Nana, Mama, Jimmy and me and he was playing with the plastic eggs. He was throwing them at us, fast! It was really funny and everyone had to be on their toes so they didn't get a close range fast thrown plastic egg to the face! We eventually started throwing them back at him all the while noting that this was not setting a good example for Mac... but we were all having so much fun we decided it was ok and maybe he wouldn't pick the eggs up at the egg hunt and launch them at the other "hunters"! (And he didn't!)

Saturday was a long day but fun filled day! Lunch at Pearl's was at noon and the egg hunt at 2pm. We ate and visited with everyone and I finally got to see Pearl one on one to tell her some fun news about Baby Clanin 2! We were in Pearl's kitchen, Mom, Pearl, Carla (Pearl's daughter) and me, talking and I finally got the seque I needed to let Pearly know the name we have picked out for the baby... Lynnlee Pearl. Pearl was so excited and happy and caught off guard! She started crying and so did Mom and I. Pearl said "I have always hated my name and never thought anyone would use it." haha Well we don't hate it that's for sure!

Here is a picture of Pearl and me just after I told her and right before the hunt started.

Egg hunting time:

We headed over to get in line in our age group, well Mac's age group.

Notice how Mac is NOT using the basket I searched for high and low. The one that I finally found that was perfect and then made a basket liner for and had his name embroidered onto it. Yeah he found the pink one and would only use that one. The PINK one! ugh...

And then it was time to hunt! He did a really good job. He wanted to open all the plastic eggs to see what was in them before going on to find the next one. We tried to encourage him to just pick it up put it in the basket and move on and towards the end he had gotten a little better. Either way he had a good time! And so did we!

His new friend Weston, who couldn't be cuter if he tried!

Mac's egg hunt haul.

Jimmy and Mac.

Loved his bubbles!

After the hunt was over we headed home. Mac was so tired he was asleep before we got to the end of Pearl's drive way! He slept for about 2.5 hours once we got home. Hunting eggs is hard work!

That evening we went over to Randall and Kelsy's house to grill hamburgers. We have made this our Easter get together since Jimmy and I need to get on the road as soon as possible after church on Easter Sunday to avoid traffic. So since we can't stay for Easter lunch we have Easter hamburger the night before! We had a great time, ate way too much and Mac and Neeley got to hunt a few eggs. The Easter trip home is so rushed that this is the only time we get to see my mom's side of the family. It was great to visit and hangout with them!

Easter morning Mac woke up to find a basket full of surprises from that sneaky Easter Bunny!!

And the all time Easter basket favorite... Hot Wheels.

Mac even got to help Mom dye some Easter eggs! He thought it was really cool how the eggs changed colors.

After dying eggs and eating breakfast we went to church. Once church was over and we had changed clothes we hit the road back to Austin. It was a long and rainy drive back but worth it for all the fun we had. I even ended up with pneumonia and got to spend the three days after Easter in the hospital! Definitely a memorable Easter!

Hope you had a Hop'n Good Easter Weekend!

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