Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Still catching up on Christmas 2012...

We packed up the Prius, packed as in we were pretty sure we might lose the oil pan if we took a speed bump or pot hole at the wrong speed packed. I had enough floor room in the front seat for my feet, literally. I basically packed myself into the car (that is the moment we decided we had 11 months to find a good deal on an Expedition).

I remember being stuffed into the Prius but since I didn't immediately blog this and it's been 7 months I don't exactly remember the trip timeline. We went to MtP and then to Mena to see Jimmy's family and then back to MtP for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The night before we were going to head to Mena it snowed and iced over. There was no electricty at my parents house so the options were to brave the highways on ice or head to town to my Mamaw's house and delay the trip to Arkansas. We(Jimmy) decided that the Prius' all wheel drive could take on snow and ice. Obviously I am blogging this so we made it. It was probably the worst trip ever experienced by anyone that has ever taken a trip. Ok it wasn't that bad but a two hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip and at one point I became Brittany Spears and that is when Lynnlee, then 6 months old an no longer willing to be strapped into her car seat while the car was NOT moving, came to sit with us in the front seat. God bless the person(s) responsible for inventing the portable DVD player as that is the only way we survived the trip with Mac and a baby.

We finally made it to Mena and had a great visit. It had snowed a lot more up there and Mac got to play and chase Jimmy all through it. This was his first time to get to play in snow!

Mac and Lynnlee had plenty of cousins to play with.

And got to see Grandma.

After a couple of days we went back to MtP, the snow was gone and the trip took the normal 2 hours. Thank goodness!

We spent the rest of our time in MtP. We enjoyed visiting with the family and even though it is always hectic, Christmas Day was a blast. I love our traditions and being able to pass them on and share them with our kids!

Getting ready for Santa:

Christmas Morning... (and Lynnlee's first)

More pictures...

Oh and it was a White (slushy, soggy) Chirstmas for us...

Hope everyone got what they wanted!

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