Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lynnlee's First Express Game

August 23, 2012)

We took the family out to see the Express play, joined by our good friends Amanda and Thomas. We had a great time. Mac loves Spike, the mascot, and LP got to experience her first game!
**On a side note if you have a baby and you have 3rd (or possibly 1st) base line tickets the sweet ushers will move you to behind the net at home plate so the baby doesn't accidentally take one to the face. So helpful! haha

Mac loves popcorn!

And his Dad!

I think she loves baseball. She would have liked it more had she had on the proper attire but while we were there she became the proud owner of a pink Express onesie, picked out my Jimmy :)

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  1. Eli has never been to a baseball game (or any sporting event other than a high school football game), but I would really like to take him! Perhaps we could plan a Sexton-Clanin Family Baseball Outing?