Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Mac's first professional baseball game.
This past weekend we, and two other couples, went to Houston to watch the Astros/Cubs game at Minute Maid Park (or The Juice Box as my husband so affectionately calls it). Amanda and Thomas picked us up and we headed to Columbus to get her sister and brother-in-law, Marsha and Anson. Once we had the Suburban packed we headed on down the road to Houston. We stopped in Katy to eat and ended up at Cheddars. (This is where I have to get better about taking food pictures) The food was good, we were full, happy and ready for some baseball!

We got to the field about 30 minutes before the game started, found our seats and watched the players warm up. It is truely amazing to watch these guys just throw a baseball. They are so talented... I commented to Jimmy on how I wish I was half as good as these guys at something. At anything.

This was Mac's first professional baseball game and he was perfect. My poor baby was dressed in a Cubs onsie but I take full responsiblity for that as I never went shopping for an Astros onsie. He even whimpered when Jimmy was dressing him but despite his outfit he had a great time and a good nap. He woke up for the last half of the game and was promptly taken from me and passed between Amanda and Marsha! He loved it. And after the game, that ended around 9pm, he didn't fall asleep until we had been on the road for about 20 minutes!


The Group...
And he is out... he got passed to me once he was asleep because he was making Jimmy hot. Thanks. haha ;)

The trip was great! So much fun and I really enjoyed getting to know Marsha and Anson more. We are trying to plan another trip for the last series of the season for the Stros... and they just happen to be playing the Cubs (Jimmy is the Cubs Super Fan). I will have Mac in proper Astros attire for that game!

Any tips on how to post pictures and move them around the page easier? When I upload the post to the top of the page and then it takes me forever to drag them to where I want them to be...


  1. What a fun trip! I'm glad Mac was such a trooper!

  2. I love this pic! Your boy is such a stud and you are one hot momma!