Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi, my name is Marci and I am a Gleek

I don't know if you have heard about this little phenomenon called "glee". It's a show on Fox. It comes on at 8pm. It's about a high school glee club. And. It. Is. Awesome. Don't call me on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm as I will NOT answer my phone and I will only respond to texts during commercials. (No joke just ask Amanda)

Last night was the season finale. It rocked of course. I cried during and after the show. Yes after. Partly because of the show and partly because now I have to wait until Season 3 starts and I don't even know when that will be!! And last night, almost tragically, was the first game of the spring softball season. You see how this could be problematic since I was determined to watch the Finale at its regularly scheduled time but luckily my game was at 6:30. So when the ump called "Ball Game" (we lost by the way 17-10, boo) I grabbed my gear and raced home to catch it. I walked in the door right at 8, Jimmy yelled from the office that he had the livingroom tv set to the proper channel for me and all I had to do was run over and plop down in front of the tv and watch my show... softball stink, dirt and all.

To prove how just how big a GLEEK I am... This picture was taken at Glee Sing-Along... or as we and the host (who dressed up like Mr. Schuester, the Glee Club Coach) and the rest of the audience called it... The Glee-Along!!
Me and my fellow Gleek, Monica!

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